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What You Need to Know About Our “New” MacRitchie Reservoir Park

by On May 16, 2017

Before you head out to MacRitchie Reservoir Park, read this

What You Need to Know About Our New MacRitchie Reservoir Park

The MacRitchie Reservoir Park is one of runners' favourite trails in Singapore. Beside runners, MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a perfect spot for nature lovers to spend a day wandering around, kayakers to paddle through the pristine water and families to bond over hiking to the TreeTop Walk.

Over the time, upgrading works and new projects are being carried out to make MacRitchie a better park for everyone. Here is a list of things that you need to know about our “new” MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

1. Trail Closure and Trail Narrowing from May to September 2017.

Sime Track and Terentang Trail will be closed in stages from May to August 2017 due to investigation works carried out by LTA. Do note that when Sime Track A is closed between May and June, there is no alternative route. That means, it is not possible to complete the loop of MacRitchie Reservoir which is 11km long. However, when Sime Track B and Terentang Trail are closed, visitors may use alternative route marked in yellow. See the map below for better visualisation.

In addition, the intersection of MacRitchie Nature Trail and Venus Link will be narrowed from August to September 2017. You may still access the route, but do proceed with caution.

What You Need to Know About Our New MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Source: NParks

2. No Access from Lornie Road (near Sime Road) to MacRitchie Reservoir Park until December 2018.

The footpath along Lornie Road (near Sime Road) will be closed until December 2018, therefore visitors will not be able to enter MacRitchie Reservoir Park via this access. Instead, visitors need to use other accesses such the main entrance at Lornie Road/Thomson Road (where Mushroom Café is located at) and Venus Drive. Refer to footpath diversion plan below.

What You Need to Know About Our New MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Source: NParks

3. A portion of Golf Link Trail has a makeover.

Previously an asphalt path with less than 1-metre width, this portion of Golf Link Trail has been widened, made good into a concrete footpath and guarded with railings.

What You Need to Know About Our New MacRitchie Reservoir Park

4. Access from Windsor Nature Park

The new Windsor Nature Park was open in April 2017. Now, instead of tackling the trail at Venus Link, you can choose to explore Windsor Nature Park for a change of scenery. Both Venus Link and Windsor Nature Park connect MacRitchie Reservoir and Venus Drive.

What You Need to Know About Our New MacRitchie Reservoir Park

5. Google Street View

Launched in Singapore in 2009, Google Street View has been a great tool for road users to navigate around the city. Today, Google Street View has 85 Singapore Highlights Street Views which comprise numerous parks and trails in Singapore, including MacRitchie Reservoir. Now, you don’t need to be afraid of getting lost on the trails!

What You Need to Know About Our New MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Is MacRitchie Reservoir Park one of your favourite running places? How do you feel about the new improvement of the park?

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