Here’s Why Your Feet Will Thank Nike React Infinity Run

by On Jan 15, 2020

A shoe designed to reduce running injury.

Nike React Infinity Run

If you’re a runner, you’d understand the frustrations that come with the injury. In fact, 9 out of 10 runners have cited injury as their number one concern, so you’re not alone!

What is Nike React Infinity Run?

Nike has once again focused on solving one of runners’ biggest problems – this time with the launch of the Nike React Infinity Run, a shoe designed to reduce running injury.  

Nike React Infinity Run

The Nike React Infinity Run encompasses the best qualities of racing shoe, Zoom Vaporfly 4%, and Nike’s React technology. It is a fine-tuned blend of biomechanics efficiency and cushioning — for a breakthrough shoe that offers a more democratic solution to stability, and an advance from traditional motion-control designs.

The Infinity Run provides a soft, responsive platform and delivers it with a widened midsole. Similar to the geometry of the 4%, the Infinity Run has a rocker-like bottom that yields a more fluid transition from foot strike to toe off.

Seasoned runners know that for optimum performance and injury prevention, it is crucial to vary the types of runs you do. The same goes for the shoes you wear.

An external study by the British Columbia Sports Medicine Research Foundation (BCSMRF) on 226 runners in the Nike React Infinity Run and the Nike Structure 22, a traditional motion control shoe, showed that runners in the Nike React Infinity had a 52 percent lower injury rate than in the motion control shoe, with wearers confirming that they felt less pain in their knees and feet.

Price and Availability

The Nike React Infinity Run will be available globally from 16 January 2020 and retails in select Nike stores and on Nike.com for SGD239. 

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