The 23rd Okinawa Marathon takes place on 15 February 2015, and runners will get the chance to see wonderful Japanese towns and villages in central Okinawa.

2 Race Categories: The Marathon and 10km Road Race

Starting and ending at the sprawling Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park, the Okinawa Marathon has 2 race distances: the 42.195km marathon as well as the 10km Road Race.

Runners of the marathon distance will experience a relatively flat 10km, followed by some steep hills, the highest elevation of which is around 110metre. But the pleasant weather and downhill slopes near the finish line will give you that extra burst of energy along the last stretches of the marathon.

The Okinawa Marathon 2014 took place in February, and saw over 11,000 runners cross the starting line in the bustling city of Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. Experience the wonderful sea breeze as you run along Nakagusuku and Kinbu Bay.

Since the Okinawa Marathon started 22 years ago, Kaneda Air Base has lent its support by opening approximately 2.8km stretch of its base for runners. Get cheered on by volunteers from the United States Air Force 18th Wings stationed there as you make your way to the finish line!

10km Road Race runners will go through the streets of Awase Bay, before looping back at the Nakagusuku Fishing Harbour.

Promoting a Source of Intercultural Exchange in Okinawa

The Okinawa Marathon aims to encourage people to enjoy running and increase their fitness levels throughout Okinawa. The race committee also hopes that the marathon serves as a source of international and intercultural exchange.

Like many marathon events in Japan, expect plenty of cheerful and enthusiastic support from spectators, volunteers and fellow runners alike in the Okinawa Marathon!

The 23rd Okinawa Marathon 2015 will take place in Okinawa, on 15 February 2015. Registrations will open from 1 November to 10 December 2014, and Entry fees are JPY ¥4,500 (approx. USD $44) for marathon runners, and JPY ¥2,700 (approx. USD$27) for 10km Road Race runners.

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