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Osaka Marathon 2014 is Expanding the Rainbow Circle of Charity in Japan!

by On Aug 13, 2014
Osaka Marathon 2014 is Expanding the Rainbow Circle of Charity in Japan!

The Osaka Marathon has enjoyed rapid popularity since its inaugural run in 2011, growing into Japan's second biggest marathon after the Tokyo Marathon. With about 30,000 Japanese and foreign runners participating last year, the Osaka Marathon is popular for its scenic course, and attracted more than 1.25 million spectators last year!

Enjoy Osaka's Exciting Cuisine and Culture!

Held on 26 October, there will be a large-scale expo before the marathon, where foreign runners and visitors can enjoy Japanese food, shopping, amusement parks and more.

Runners will get to see some of Osaka's curious mixture of old and new, such as the Edo-period Osaka Castle built over 400 years ago, as well as the famous Tsutenkaku Tower that stands 103 metres high!

The 3rd Osaka Marathon last year drew international attention, attracting 1,547 runners from 35 countries internationally. The organising committee expects to accommodate a larger number of foreigners for this year's marathon.

Osaka Marathon 2014 is Expanding the Rainbow Circle of Charity in Japan!

Running Across the Rainbow Bridge Together

The Osaka Marathon's official slogan is "Minna de kakeru niji", and reads as "Making a Rainbow Together" in English. The rainbow is thought of as a metaphorical bridge, while "kakeru" is a play on words: the same pronunciation means both "run" and "across".

As befitting the vibrant theme, this year's charity partners for the Osaka Marathon come in every colour of the rainbow. From supporting cancer research to nature conservation, you can make a donation to the colour-coded charity program and receive a correspondingly coloured tee shirt to wear on race day!

Osaka Marathon 2014 is Expanding the Rainbow Circle of Charity in Japan!

Come October, runners will wear their charity tee shirts proudly and fill the streets of Osaka with a rainbow of colours in one of Japan's biggest marathons ever!

Registration is now open for the Osaka Marathon, which takes place on 26 October. Entry fees are JPY ¥12,000 (approx. USD $117) for the full 42.195km Marathon, and JPY ¥6,000 (approx. USD $59) for the 8.8km Challenge Run. Each participant must make at least 2 charity contributions worth JPY ¥500 (approx. USD $5 each) addition to the registration fee.

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