PUMA Introduces Team Faster

by On Jun 21, 2017

Team Faster is an inspiring and empowering team dedicated to pushing sport forward.

PUMA Introduces Team Faster

PUMA is thrilled to introduce the pioneer batch of Team Faster in Southeast Asia as part of its global initiative. Team Faster is a running and training program led by hand-picked professional coaches, trainers and instructors around the globe. PUMA give these professionals the tools and support to do what they do best.

The program aims to inspire, empower and engage the community through a series of local on-the-ground and one-to-one interactions such as run sessions, intimate classes and workouts or large-scale workout events.

Professional coaches, trainers and instructors, known as Team Faster Elite Trainers, will lead these local workout sessions. These classes are open to the public and will be held at gyms, studios and PUMA stores across the region. Fitness enthusiasts can look forward to sweating it out with Team Faster Elite Trainers.

The first-ever group of Elite Trainers for Team Faster Southeast Asia was handpicked to bring people together to train harder and faster. To qualify for Team Faster, these Elite Trainers are either professional coaches, trainers, fitness instructors or running elites who are highly active, have a good following and possess the power to motivate and inspire communities to reach their full potential.

PUMA Introduces Team Faster

Launch of Team Faster

To kick start the launch of Team Faster, Elite Trainers from Southeast Asia gathered for a boot camp cum retreat in Koh Yao, Thailand over the weekend. There, they had the opportunity to train with Jamie Granger, Los Angeles-based trainer and coach to Rihanna, PUMA’s Brand Ambassador and Creative Director. The Elite Trainers from the respective countries also led workout sessions for the group and shared useful tips and best practices with each other.

Mr. Gabriel Yap, Head of Marketing PUMA Southeast Asia, says,

PUMA is very excited to introduce the Southeast Asia team of Elite Trainers for Team Faster and we hope that through Team Faster, we can reach out to new audiences, continue growing the PUMA community and engaging more fitness enthusiasts through some truly unique experiences. We continue to strive to inspire and empower everyone to train better, stronger and faster.

Team Faster Elite Trainers Singapore

PUMA Introduces Team Faster

Team Faster (Singapore), L-R: Jerry Fong, Bianca Pereche-Gamboa, Suwan Tan, Meaghan See, Anabel Chew

Anabel Chew stepped into the Fitness industry in 2015 and created WeBarre, Singapore’s first boutique barre studio, after years of being a workout fanatic. She is trained and certified in Mat Pilates and Kettlebells.

Dr. Bianca Pereche-Gamboa seeks to improve the lives of others - through her medical practice, and now on the mat as a yoga practitioner and teacher. With Bianca's strong medical and anatomical background, she provides a safe space for her students to seek serenity, balance, and refuge.

Jerry Fong is a personal trainer at Fitness Bravo and spin cycling instructor at Crucyle. His goal is to make everyone fall in love with working out by making it as fun and interactive as possible. It is never a dull moment in Jerry’s class, and you will leave with an intense satisfaction on what your body is able to conquer at the end of the session.

Meaghan See believes that time can be made for anything that has an importance in one's lives. She would kick start the day with a run, a yoga class or an indoor cycling session at Anthem where she teaches, followed by her day job or errands, and ending off the day with teaching at WeBarre (or Anthem).

Suwan Tan has two passions: dance and yoga. She fuses both her passions as a Barre instructor at WeBarre, teaching a combination of ballet technique, Pilates and yoga. It gives her the creative space to choreograph different workout routines, while imparting tips for stretching and injury prevention.

Team Faster Elite Trainers Malaysia

PUMA Introduces Team Faster

Team Faster (Malaysia), L-R: Sunny Cheong, Crystal Ng, Ain Ramli, R-L: Jamiliyan Jaafar (Jay), Lye Kwan Wong

Ain Ramli began her journey in fitness when she was diagnosed with bulimia at 15. She ventured into physical fitness on her road to recovery. As a former national athlete, Ain considers body awareness extremely important and has always taken much care in maintaining a fit and healthy physique.

Crystal Ng has a passion for outdoor and indoor cycling. Crystal strongly believes that self-improvement in health, wellness, physical fitness and nutrition, collectively, will create a more impactful and enjoyable life.

Jamiliyan Jaafar (Jay) is a devoted trainer and is passionate about training everyone regardless of body and fitness levels. She brings her rebellious straight-shooter style in teaching her yoga, pilates, Xtend barre as well as indoor cycling classes.

Lye Kwan, Wong loves pole fitness as it changes her body shape and connects her strength in a way that no other form of exercise ever has. Seeking variation to her usual routine, she then discovered and fell in love with Spinning. She trained hard to become a passionate Spinning instructor.

Sunny Cheong discovered his love and passion for Hip-Hop and dancing through a visit to a famous dance studio in Australia. As the pioneer in Zumba in Malaysia and with more than 13 years of experience in professional dancing and group fitness, Sunny is certified in 6 globally recognised dance and group fitness programs, including NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA).

Team Faster Elite Trainers Indonesia

PUMA Introduces Team Faster

Team Faster (Indonesia), L-R: Melissa Suryadi, Annisa Munaf, Muhammad Desfian, Haghia Sofia Yuniarti, Aprishi Allita

Annisa Munaf, also known as “Captain Cardio”, never seems to get tired from doing cardio workout especially when it is combined with dance. Her own workout studio was opened last year in Jakarta. Certified in teaching Zumba, Piloxing and U-Jam Fitness, she also created a private program called Jeje's BodyGoals Program which help every client to achieve their body goals.

Aprishi Allita started doing yoga in 2014. She believes that yoga brings about happiness and positivity and it inspires her to spread the same feeling to everyone else. Best known as a Vinyasa and Acroyoga practitioner, Aprishi’s classes are never dull with her sweet and cheerful personality.

Haghia Sofia Yuniarti, a 25 years old mother and National Climb Athlete, is a personal trainer at Celebrity Fitness. With a strong passion for MMA, weight training and cross fit, Sofia strives to be stronger and better each day.

Melissa Suryadi, a mother of one and a Zumba enthusiast, started her fitness journey not long after she had her child. Her motivation was to get rid of those fats she gained during pregnancy. Keen on meeting new friends, Melissa now teaches Zumba and Zumba Strong at Sana Studio.

Muhammad Desfian, the owner of Emporium Gym Square, is a Martial Artist who has been coaching Muay Thai since 2013. Certified in Athletic Yoga by Susan Hendarto (the Master of Athletic Yoga in 2014), Desfian has been applying his fitness education into martial arts coaching.

Be Faster at the PUMA Night Run Singapore 2017

Want to join other fitness stars, celebrities or maybe the Team Faster Elite Trainers to strive to become better, stronger and faster at the upcoming PUMA Night Run Singapore on the 26 August 2017 at Seletar Aerospace Park? Then sign up for the race at Spacebib today!

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