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Singapore’s First Penalty Shootout Tournament is for Anyone Who Loves to Kick a Football!

by On Mar 15, 2018

The Shootout brings the best part of football to the community.

Singapore’s First Penalty Shootout Tournament is for Anyone Who Loves to Kick a Football!

Held on 15 April 2018 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Our Tampines Hub, in the Town Square where the spanking new FIFA 2-star football pitch with a 5,000-seat stadium is located, The Shootout will bring soccer fans, or just about anyone who loves to kick a football, onto the same stage, to experience the intensity and excitement of a penalty shootout - the most intense part of any soccer game.

“The Shootout” is the first of its kind in Singapore and beyond. This exciting tournament comprises a preliminary round-robin stage where teams will get to play against all the other teams in the group, and two later knock-out stages.

How does it work?

The mechanics of the tournament are fairly straightforward and easily understood, so almost anyone can participate. Each team will go up against other teams in a series of three penalty kicks per team (five in the Final Knock-Out stage).

There will be 3 stages. Stage 1A is a Round-Robin, with the top 64 teams advancing to the next stage; Stage 1B is the Preliminary Knock-Out stage, where one team will face-off with another team in random pairs; and Stage 2 is the Final Knock-Out stage, where teams are paired off randomly and will face-off until the Champion and the Runner-Up in each category is declared.

Huge cash prizes to be won

A grand prize of up to S$10,000 in cash will be awarded to the team in the first place, with cash prizes up for grabs all the way to the 8th placed team. The total cash prize is S$14,000 - quite unusual for a non-professional tournament.

The registration fee is S$200 per team. Teams will have to be formed with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 members, including one compulsory goalkeeper. This tournament is open to all Singaporeans and foreigners, all men and women and all ages.

About the founder

Mr Muhammad Imran bin Abdul Rahman ("Imran"), Director of Shootout International Pte. Ltd., is a three-time World Silat Champion, 2005 South-East Asian Games Gold Medalist (Silat Event) and 2002 Sports Boy of the Year.

He conceptualised THE SHOOTOUT and intends to bring it to the global market. This initiative is supported by Bashir Khan, a former Singapore international goal-keeper, and owner of a highly successful eatery, Kampung Glam Cafe.

Singapore’s First Penalty Shootout Tournament is for Anyone Who Loves to Kick a Football!

Imran, the founder of Shootout International Pte Ltd

Imran said,

“The penalty shootout is, at its essence, the distilled spirit of the aim of football: which is to put the ball past the goalkeeper, behind the net. It is with this spirit of the game that we are introducing “The Shootout” in Singapore – the very first penalty shootout tournament of its kind here in Singapore, and very likely first in the world too. We hope to lower the barrier to entry to football by introducing the game in its very simplest form of the penalty shootout, and that more people will grow to love the game of football and the best parts of it: the inimitable feeling of kicking a ball on the field, and the heady rush of taking careful aim at the goal post and scoring. The penalty round is all about full-on intensity, performing under pressure, tremendous focus and accuracy, and stepping up to the plate for your team; and we are confident that football-lovers of all ages will appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the unprecedented intensity of a penalty shootout.”

Who should join?

Besides being a unique opportunity for a one-of-a-kind corporate team-bonding activity, The Shootout also aims to get the community together in a spirit of friendly competition.

The competition site will offer plenty of activities for the whole family. Young children will get to enjoy hours of fun in the bouncy castle, and older ones can learn the basics of football at specially organised clinics, while the rest of the family can check out the health roadshows, food stalls and retail stalls set up especially for the tournament days.

Entertaining stage performances and games with prizes to be won will also set the mood for some carnival-type of fun for the entire family, such as a juggling contest, “In the Bin” and “Ball Control”. Everyone can also participate in “Kick-and-Win” contests for some side-line fun while their loved ones take centre-stage on the pitch!

Registration for The Shootout is still open.

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