Sperry Introduces Its Next Great Icon: The Sperry 7 SEAS

by On Mar 17, 2017

The Sperry 7 SEAS is perfect for those who want to explore the world without compromising style and comfort.

Sperry Introduces Its Next Great Icon: The Sperry 7 SEAS

The new collection of innovative boat shoes with sneaker-like aesthetic, Sperry 7 SEAS, is infused with 21st-century footwear technology, making it the only shoes needed for land and sea adventures. Built for the intrepid souls, it features three key technologies to ensure high-quality comfort, great traction and secure fit.


The hydrophobic mesh upper dries quickly in wet condition with HydroX technology which helps to shed and repel water, while OmniVent construction drains water out of footbed and promotes breathability. The Razor‐Cut Wave Siping™ on the non‐marking rubber outsole coupled with the Terrain Traction Pods provide superior grip on dry and wet land. The 360° lacing system ensures a secure yet comfortable fit.

Despite being boat shoes, Sperry 7 SEAS is a runner’s good friend too. Wear it after your running session to your next appointment, and you won’t have to worry about sweaty and smelly feet, thanks to the HydroX and OmniVent technologies mentioned earlier.

Sperry Introduces Its Next Great Icon: The Sperry 7 SEAS


Sperry 7 SEAS comes in three different styles. Sperry 7 SEAS 3-EYES is designed with clean and streamlined colours for urban travellers on the go. With monotone sneaker style, Sperry 7 SEAS 3-EYES FLOOD is perfect for street enthusiasts. The Sperry 7 SEAS 3-EYES CAMO offers a bridge between street style and formal setting, by providing subtle camouflage colourways.

Sperry 7 SEAs collection will be retailing at S$129 from end March 2017 at all Sperry mono-brand stores, The Social Foot and selected Royal Sporting House stores.

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