Start Training the Right Way for Your Run

by On Sep 18, 2012
Start Training the Right Way for Your Run

It was a laid-back Sunday Morning at East Coast Park where a group of over 40 female participants gathered together at 7.30am for a common purpose: train for their upcoming Great Eastern Women’s Run 2012. All decked up in sporty gear in anticipation of the workshop to start.

Start Training the Right Way for Your Run

There was a good mix of seasoned runners as well as newer ones. In such a friendly and warm environment, those who came alone quickly formed new bonds with another stranger. Edwin, from Polar, was the trainer of the day. He called out for everyone to gather at the field, where the games officially began at 7.45am.

In conjunction with the Great Eastern Women’s Run, Polar has conducted 3 workshops to help equip the runners with necessary skills to train. RunSociety was honoured to be part of Great Eastern Women’s Run 2012 Fringe Activities: Training Run 2: 7km.

Right Breathing Techniques

Should you inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose or the other way when you run? How much air must you inhale? How do we know what to do?

"When you run, breathe in hard. It is common to end up with short quick breaths which are not ideal for long distance. Our lungs are like huge black trash bags which are capable of storing a lot of air as compared to what we make use of daily which are the size of grocery bags. Use both your mouth and nose to breathe, as we are not in water like diving which will require inhaling only through the mouth and exhaling through the nose." Edwin shared.

He concluded with, “Listen to your body.”

How apt!

Importance of Proper Warm Ups for Long Distance Running

Is muscle stretching enough for warm ups?

Ordinary stretches like thigh muscle stretch will put our muscles to sleep and it is not effective for long distance running. One of the reasons for warm ups is to prepare and pump up your heart rate for the long distance run, thus normal routine muscle stretches will not be enough. They must be coupled with a high impact workout.

Start Training the Right Way for Your Run

The group was taken through a series of heart pumping and engaging pair activities. At the end of the warm up, everyone was wearing a smile on their faces, all ready to get into action.

The Real Action Begins: Building up of Core Muscle Strength & Speed

The trainer demonstrated a series of exercises: lunges, squats, mountain climbing on the ground, leg tugs, burpees and squats & jumps to name a few.

Start Training the Right Way for Your Run

Set in place by the helpers, were some red cones to mark the start of the sprint and yellow cones to resume to jogging mode. There were altogether about 2 stations for sprinting and 3 stations that focussed on core training within the 1.2km run. This exercise was designed to build up endurance and speed.

Start Training the Right Way for Your Run

Participants were required to complete each station continually. They were cheered on and encouraged with high-fives along the way. Everyone was catching their breath after completing uncountable rounds. They were finally given the cue to end the session followed by a series of cool downs.

Ending With A Bang!

The purpose of this training was to impart skills to the participants so that they will train correctly in the future. The focus was to build up speed and footwork.

Start Training the Right Way for Your Run

The session ended with an interesting question by a lady asking “How far should my legs be apart when I run?” Edwin suggested taking small steps, as big strides will require much more strength on the legs, which will not last for long distances.

Most participants assumed that the workshop was to fulfil a 7km run and head back home. At the end of the workshop, not only do they feel accomplished, they have also acquired valuable skills and knowledge on long distance training. The group was rewarded with a breakfast of healthy sandwiches, bananas and fruit juices. 3 lucky ladies even walked away with prizes sponsored by Polar.

Start Training the Right Way for Your Run

The 3rd and final session Training Run 3: 12km will be held on 30 September and those who are thinking of acquiring the right skills to train are encouraged to join. For other fringe activities, visit the Great Eastern Women’s Run official website at http://www.greateasternwomensrun.com.

To sum it up, Ina Chia is one adrenaline junkie, traveller and foodie. Her many dreams includes being able to Skydive overseas and catch the aurora borealis. As far as her 2 feet can carry her, she will like to tread new places and grounds to discover the many wonderful things in life. She also believes in contributing back to society and helping others to live better.

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