Move the Safari Zoo Run 2017 to the top of your list of athletic pursuits. You can be running as proud as a lion or as cheeky as a monkey. If the spirit moves you, encourage your kids to imitate the animals’ funny characteristic, too.

While the Year of the Monkey ends on January 28, 2017, you can still see one on 18th February when the Zoo Run is staged… and we promise to join in should you decided to run for animal conservation at the Singapore Zoo.

About the Singapore Zoo

Respect for wildlife is deep tradition pervading the souls of Singaporeans and some of that admiration has been devoted to establishing the Singapore Zoo, a 26 ha reserve that attracts 1.7 million visitors from around the world every year.

Over 300 species of animals reside in open concept exhibits rather than small cages and the zoo is admired and respected universally. It also houses the largest captive colony of orangutans in the world.

Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run 2016

A special place in hearts for orangutans

Every nation in Asia takes pride in beautiful animals that roam the land, but the relationship between people and Singapore Zoo’s orangutan collection is special.

Over time, the zoo has modernised and expanded and when Zoo personnel needed a personality to drive its campaigns, the first species that came to mind to become the “face” of the zoo was Ah Meng, a beloved Sumatran orangutan living to old age within the zoo confines.

Her death in 2008 was devastating for all who adored her, but Zoo officials keep her memory alive by starting the Safari Zoo Run.

About the 2017 Safari Zoo Run

Grab your calendar and a pen to jot down the date of the Safari Zoo Run 2017 scheduled for Saturday, 18th February. You’ll have to set an alarm to wake everyone up because the run kicks off at 6 a.m.

On the other hand, tell the kids that they’ll have a chance to come up close with exotic animals and they’ll be up before the alarm goes off so you get to the Singapore Zoo at 80 Mandai Lake Road promptly.

But before you make a mad dash to the zoo, you’ll need to register. To make sure you and the kids are slotted into proper categories, visit the site and don’t feel overwhelmed when you see how many categories exist, because variety allows you to pick the right one from these choices:

  • Kids 16 and older can register for the competitive 10km Men’s and Women’s Challenge
  • Anyone 18 and up is invited to take part in the 5.5km/2.5km Family Dash
  • Runners between the ages of 13 and 17 can run the 5.5km/2.5km Junior Family Dash
  • Youngsters age 6 to 12 are eligible to participate in the 2.5km Safari Zoo Kids Dash
  • Or turn 4- to 8-year-olds loose to participate in the 5.5km/2.5km Family Kids Dash
Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run 2016

What a stash of entitlements!

Everyone knows that kids love “stuff,” so if you can’t give yours the incentive to take part in Safari Zoo Run 2017, tell them about all of the goodies they will collect simply by showing up and taking part in this fun event.

If the 2017 finisher’s medal is half as adorable as the 2016 version, that alone will motivate even lazy kids, but other entitlements are equally terrific. Competitors get free admission to the zoo, vouchers for attractions like Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari and free admission to River Safari in addition to race apparel that will make every family member look cool.

Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run 2016

Channel your inner animal

The 2017 theme, “Run for Wildlife,” was chosen to call attention to the zoo’s wildlife conservation initiatives and benefit Singapore’s treasure trove of animal species.

One of the best reasons to participate in Safari Zoo Run 2017 is to match your personality with an animal team and help raise more awareness about them. Four animal icons represent this year’s teams, so ask your little runner if he wants to represent Ah Meng the Orangutan, Chawang the Asian elephant, Sunny the Hornbill or Canola the Manatee.

These four species have been lovingly rendered as cartoon characters that are so adorable, kids could have trouble choosing just one team to join. Perhaps this will help:

  • Team Ah Meng
    Do you swing from tree to tree (or race from water station to water station) because you don’t like to run in a pack and prefer keeping to your own pace and space? Singapore is home to the world’s largest population of these primates, so the field could get crowded. According to the Orangutan Foundation International, these lumbering primates’ arms can span up to 8 feet, so don’t get in their way if they try to pass you. Join team Ah Meng to show your support for the conservation of Sumatran orangutans.
  • Team Chawang
    Did you know that Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants, so in a foot race, you could outdistance Kenyan elephants every day of the week? With so many star runners from that continent, you could show them a thing or two by beating them to the finish line! Despite their weight, elephants run 25 mph, so if you are willing to get out there and compete at Safari Zoo Run, don’t let those African elephants intimidate you—you can do it! Join team Chawang to show your support for the conservation of Sumatran elephants!
  • Team Canola
    We all know that we should slow down and enjoy life more. So take this opportunity to slow down and enjoy the moment during the race by taking your time to graze the run just like the gentle giant manatees. Join team Canola to show your support for the conservation of turtles and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Team Sunny
    What’s not to love about an exotic helmeted hornbill, native to Southeast Asia forests? By becoming a member of Team Sunny, your child’s spirit will fly as high as does this endangered bird species. Join team Sunny to show your support for the conservation of helmeted hornbills.
Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run 2016

But, perhaps you don’t like chasing your tail…

If your schedule is already so packed with events you feel like an octopus wearing four pairs of running shoes, how about volunteering? As part of the 2017 “Run for Wildlife” your participation shows your concern for fragile populations of animals that are diminishing faster than they can be replaced.

Your rewards for volunteering include food, transport allowance, an event t-shirt and, if applicable, a Community Involvement Programme E-Letter. Visit the website to sign up. Tell them Ah Meng recruited you!

How would you like to get a 10-percent discount on your registration fee for the Safari Zoo Run? Use our publication exclusive promo code and enjoy the price reduction — but do it now, before you forget!

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