Specialists in overseas races, Jean-Claude Le Cornec and team present their newest challenge and addition to the Ultra-Trail series. To be held over the weekend of 23 and 24 January 2016, this inaugural edition will take runners across the centuries-old archaeological sites in Siem Reap, a modern resort town in northwest Cambodia.

Exceptional Scenery with an Elite History…

The Ultra-Trail d’Angkor evolves through impressive mountainous trails in the ruins of Angkor, one of the most important archaeological sites of South-East Asia and a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site. Stretching over some 400 square kilometres of land and forested areas, Angkor was once a megacity supporting at least 0.1% of the global population during the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15th century.

Knowing this, runners will be all the more awed by the ancient majesty of these iconic temples sprawled across the rich landscape. As they tackle rough tracks on the outskirts of Angkor, they will also get to soak in the diverse panoramic views overlooking vast rice fields, enchanting forests and quaint villages.

128 km ultrarunners will cross the temple of Phnom Bok (meaning the top of the hump), situated at the highest point, on a 235 metre high hill. They will also come up close with the other temples almost in ruins, lost in the middle of the jungle.

…But You Don’t Have to Be Elite to Witness

Unlike the other Ultra-Trails, the Angkor Ultra-Trail will feature four races with varying degrees of difficulty: 128 km Ultra-Trail of Angkor, 64 km race, 32 km race, or 32 km Nordic Walking.

There are a number of team challenges open to runners as well:

  • Master Relay UTA 128 Challenge – Run the 128 km distance in a relay team of four. Sign up as a mixed gender, all-male or all-female team. Each relay runner will cover a 32 km distance then, the team will re-group at the last 3 km before crossing the finish line together.
  • UTA Team 128 – Run the entire 128 km distance together in a team of 3 or 5 runners, be it in a mixed gender, male or female team.
  • Duo UTA 128 – Form mixed teams of two and run the 128 km route together.
  • Angkor Relay 224 – Have running buddies with different stamina levels? Opt to sign up as a team of three runners. Each runner will individually take part in one of the 32 km, 64 km and 128 km races. The team with the shortest average time wins this team challenge.

There will also be a Humanitarian Great March “Mr Red Nose” organised during the ongoing runs/ Nordic Walk for the participants’ travelling companions and supporters. Participate in the 8 to 10 km charity walk for a minimum participation fee of €15 or more. Proceeds will go to the Cambodian villages through the Mr Red Nose Association.

Register for An Amazing Adventure

Registration fees are as follows: €160 for the Ultra Trail Angkor 128 km, €90 for the 64 km, €60 for the 32 km, and €60 for the 32 km Nordic Walk. A team registration is €240.

There are several exciting extension programmes you can do before and after the race/ Nordic Walk so don’t miss out on those offers, too.

To find out more and to register online, visit the Ultra-Trail d’Angkor website.

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