What You’ve Missed During SITEX 2018

by On Nov 27, 2018

Main highlights of the biggest electronics fair in Singapore.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Organised by the SG Tech and being managed by SingEx Exhibitions Pte Ltd, SITEX 2018 is back celebrating their 30th anniversary from the 22nd - 25th November 2018 at Singapore EXPO Halls 5 & 6. One of their main highlight campaign, "Throwback 30!", allow consumers to be rewarded for recycling their old technological gadgets such as GameBoys, Nokia P30 1988 or the TANDY 1000 TL1988. Not only will they save the earth but also be entitled to an exclusive Pandora Box prizes (worth up to $200) that are in line with their #throwback30 campaign.

General Manager of SingEx Exhibitions, Mr Adrian Sng said:

SITEX’s position as Singapore’s only consumer IT exhibition that embodies today’s latest technological offerings in the form of new lifestyle experiences, has always been undisputed. While SingEx Exhibitions is immensely proud to have walked this journey together with our IT community, we are also excited to continue leading the way in trend-setting an integrated technology-lifestyle approach to IT for Singaporeans. This year, as we celebrate 30 years of SITEX in Singapore, in the midst of showcasing new and trending state-of-the-art technologies that emerge every year as we always do, it is an opportune time to look back at what we theme as ‘Throwback 30’ where we spend a moment to reminisce the technologies that have shaped our past, paved the way for the present and provided inspiration to build our future.

This year’s special anniversary event introduces four experiential zones – Travel Tech & Active Fit Experiential Zone, Portable Audio Zone, Smart Home and Living Zone (Google), Gaming Experiential Zone.

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Travel Tech & Active Fit Experiential Zone

Explorers listen up! Overseas trips have never been this convenient and safe. Equip yourselves with the latest technologies such as Action Cams to Activity Trackers to ensure a smooth trip ahead. VLOG setups are also introduced to unleash the potential content creator in you.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

We The People

Be spoilt for choices as We The People offers a wide variety of the most unique products and experiences for both avid or novice travellers. Funded by Kickstarter, these are some example of their products:

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

(Left to Right) Magic Power Bagel, Tic Travel Bottle, Code10 Tech Sleeve Pro - Accessories

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Kisetsu Haru - RFID Protected Slim Wallets

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

(Left to Right) Bragi The Dash Pro, Eoz Air, EARIN - True Wireless Earphones

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Korin - The Best Functional Anti-Theft Backpack


Keeping track of your fitness level is also important while travelling! Being one of the most reputable brands of watches, CASIO wouldn't miss this chance to introduce their latest smartwatches such as the Pro Trek WSD-F30 and WSD-F20. A newer version was launched during the event and pre-orders was available for customers if fancy.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Pro Trek WSD-F30 and WSD-F20

Wow! Gadgets

Specialised in dashcams, power solutions driver monitoring systems with trusted services and customized solutions, Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd provides only the best automotive gadgets and security products based on customer's needs and requirements. Remarkable products such as the multi-channel drive video recorders and power solutions for parking mode was showcased during the event to demonstrate the high-efficiency uses of it.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Motorbike Dashcams - The INNOVV K2 (Dual Full HD + WiFi + GPS + Waterproof)

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Driver Monitoring System - i-Vue D10 (Drowsy and distraction alert system with buzzer alarm and vibrators)

Portable Audio Zone

Are you an audio geek like me? Being able to try out all the different headsets was a memorable experience for me. Different headsets are fitted for different consumers, for those who are just regular commuters, into sports and exercising, and even for those who are serious about their music qualities!

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!


What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!


Brands such as Plantronics, SHURE, RHA, Sony and many more were all displayed for customers to try out at their convenience to see which pair they would prefer. Helpful staffs where also available for further assistance in any doubts.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!


What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!


Smart Home & Living Zone

Should you invest in comfort and convenience? Google Home has the answers for you! Technology has developed so rapidly that now, an "on" switch has changed to using voice commands. Google was able to showcase smart home setups as to see how can they be integrated seamlessly into homes. Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that has Google Assistant built in which is supported by hundreds of compatible smart home devices like light bulbs, switches, and cameras from many popular brands. Consumers can just start by saying, “Ok Google” to easily control their smart homes.

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Thus, experience smart home and living like no other!

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!


The Google Pixel 3 was also recently launched featuring a game-changing camera that lets you capture more of the best moments. A very special attribute would be the wide-angle feature during selfie modes, enabling bigger groups to be in the same frame despite its size.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Google Home Device

Gaming Zone

Who would have thought that the gaming industry in Singapore could grow till this big? SITEX 2018 was able to partner with Omen Community Challenge to host SITEX’s very first ESports Tournament, where there was a battle between big games such as DOTA, PUBG and CS GO.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

ESports Tournament

Secret Lab

Looking to invest in comfort? Secret Lab is an award-winning computer chair for the best gaming performance engineered for long hours of comfort in front of a screen. Despite mainly for gaming, these chairs are also best suited for long hours of work.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Founders Ian and Alaric, came up with this idea as they were once competitive gamers who were struggling to find a computer chair that best suited them during their long hours. Therefore, they set out on a mission to solve the issue at hand and managed to succeed with these products.

Throwback 30! Campaign

Do you know what is a "Nintendo N64s", or "Atari"? Millennials wouldn't know about these old consoles as they have PlayStations, Xboxes and mobile platforms instead. Throwback to 30 years where parents can feel like a child again, these old consoles would be more or a familiar sight as technology back in the 1950s was not that developed yet.

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Old Video Games Console

As mentioned above, there were rewards for recycling their old technological gadgets!

What You've Missed During SITEX 2018!

Old Electronics Recycling Bins

The first 30 winners were able to walk away with attractive prizes while 5 additional lucky winners were given the Pandora Box prizes. Regular customers were also able to walk home happy after a SURE WIN Mystery Box daily draw just after a minimum of $100 per receipt.

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