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Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2020: You Can Join The Best Marathon in Myanmar

by On Oct 4, 2019

Lace up your shoes, runners, we are going for a run in Myanmar.

Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2020: You Can Join The Best Marathon in Myanmar

Do you know which is the best marathon race in Myanmar? Marathon races in Myanmar are extremely rare and the most notable is the Yoma Yangon International Marathon.

The Yoma Yangon International Marathon (“YYIM”) has established itself as Myanmar’s largest participatory running event and one of the most recognised annual sporting occasions bringing together runners, supporters, volunteers, corporate and the community.

About Running in Myanmar

Runners in Myanmar rise early, often before 6.30 a.m., however running in Myanmar is relatively safe. Almost all runners in Myanmar wear plain white tennis shoes that cost a few thousand Kyat. It is not uncommon for runners to go barefoot, wearing only socks or even flip-flops. Races in Myanmar are not well advertised and the most recognised marathon is the Yoma Yangon International Marathon.

Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2020: You Can Join The Best Marathon in Myanmar

About Yoma Yangon International Marathon

Now in its 8th edition, YYIM aims to continue inspiring athletes and connect communities, both local and international through the love of running. The Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2020 will be held on Sunday 19 January, 2020 at Thuwanabumi Event Park Upper Pazundaung Road, Yangon, Myanmar.

The categories of the marathon are 3 km of fun run/ walk, 10.5, 21.1, 42.195 km. Last year, about 37,000 participants participated in the Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2019 with over 20 nationalities.

The participants contributed and give back to their community with the key initiative – ‘Run for Children’ which raises funds to improve the welfare of children and providing education for the less privilege.

Take a look at the exciting highlight of last year, Yoma Yangon International Marathon.

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What's New in Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2020?

Moving on to the 8th edition in 2020, YYIM hope to further increase the registration number to 12,000 participants as they believe this exciting event present a great opportunity to gather the Yangon community together in a joint effort to give back to the community.

They also welcome donations from all participants and public to support the youth and make a difference in their lives.

The Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2020 will flag off at 5 a.m. for the full marathon, 5:30 a.m. for the half marathon, 6:45 a.m. for the 10 km challenge and lastly 7:30 am for 3 km fun run and walk.

Race entitlements include finisher medal, e-cert race bib and running T-shirt. Besides that, prize money will be awarded to the first three male and female winners of the 42.195km Full Marathon, 21km Half Marathon and the 10km Challenge.

Are you ready to get your feet started and join this exciting marathon event in Myanmar?

Samantha is an editor at RunSociety. She love yoga and incorporate running in her weekly workout whenever she can.

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