(Quiz) Valentine’s Day Running Special: How Much Do You Love Running?

by On Feb 14, 2017

If your passion for running is as deep and meaningful as you believe, perhaps it's time to verify that feeling. Take this quiz and prepare to be surprised.

(Quiz) Valentine’s Day Running Special: How Much Do You Love Running?

Do you love running more than your mum? More than your cat? More than your job? Okay, so the last example isn’t fair, but in the opinion of those who would sooner take a pay cut than give up running, these questions beg to be answered. Assuming you can have it all (Mum, cat, good-paying job and running), how serious is your commitment?

This quiz could reveal whether or not running is the love of your life—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Take the Running Love Quiz

What’s the wildest, craziest and most “athletic” experience you’ve ever had on Valentine’s Day? No need to get too explicit, Lover.

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