How to Stay Motivated With Your Running after Lockdown

by On Feb 16, 2021

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

How to Stay Motivated With Your Running after Lockdown

When all of us were confined in our homes due to the pandemic, following an exercise routine looked challenging. During this isolation period, I considered running on the treadmill as the most convenient workout. 

However, things are now getting back to normal. Offices are opening, and businesses are resuming operations. Therefore, I have no other choice than to switch back to my previous routine. In this busy schedule, taking out time for running is a big challenge. 

You need a lot of motivation to take out an hour after giving a 9-5 duty at an office. While I was working from home, I had ample time to get my running done; I could do it while watching a season, taking my break, and even while taking an online meeting! 

However, with the office back on, it has become a challenge to resume my great running routine. My running partner gave me some great motivation. Tips from my friends helped me continue running every day without any compromise. 

Let me share these motivating tips today: 

1. Buy New Training Gear 

You may not believe it, but this trick works. When you have the stylish new gear to show off, you will love to have a running session. We all know how a good appearance increases our self-esteem.

Thus, when you are satisfied with your looks and appearance, you will enjoy running every day. If you are new to it and have no idea about training gears, here are some recommendations for you:

  • Topo Athletic Ultra venture Pro 
  • Adidas Solar Glide ST 19
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 23 
  • New Balance 860 V10

When you shop for your new training gear, be sure to check the following things: 

  • Toe length and width 
  • Flexibility and comfort
  • Right arch 
  • Perfect fit 

2. Search for a Running Buddy

How to Stay Motivated With Your Running after Lockdown
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You will automatically get motivated to run when you relate it with socialization. Diverting the mind from routine stress and catching up with a friend is always relaxing. Thus, you will enjoy this “me-time” and running will come as a bonus. 

When I asked my friend to become my running partner, I started enjoying running like never before. We discuss business matters, routine life and take breaks for prayer times. Now, I never want to miss a running session as I wait for the whole day to share things with my friend. 

Additionally, you can also join running communities on social media channels. Follow the best runners on Facebook and keep sharing some running tips. Besides, head over to a social media platform, search for the “best runners” and see what is their running routine after the lockdown. You will get some great motivation after knowing how others are managing their present schedule. 

3. Adjust Your Routine 

You must have set a routine as per your office timings. If adding extra time for running looks difficult, recall the routine in your remote working days. If you use to run before signing in for work, make a habit of getting up 30 minutes before your routine time. 

Remember, it will be a challenge for a few days. But, after some time, you will deal with it like a habit. You will enjoy getting up early for the running time. 

4. Associate Running with Something Interesting 

If you run on the same route every day, you will end up getting bored easily. Therefore, it is ideal to try out different routes. This will make your journey interesting, and you will be motivated to enjoy a new route. 

In other words, connect something interesting with running to keep the motivational level high. For instance, you can run at different timings. Besides this, running in a group is also great. The motivational factor depends from person to person. Judge yourself and see what things motivate you to run every day. 

5. Remember the Post Run Feeling 

How to Stay Motivated With Your Running after Lockdown
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What will you do if none of the tricks works well in motivating you to run? Never lose hope! You can always recall the excellent post-run feel. This feel is enough to boost up the motivation. 

6. Take Good Care of Yourself 

If you are new to running, you might feel some muscle cramps for a few days. However, you need to eat well and take care of your body. Start eating healthy meals, fresh juices, and a good dose of vitamins every day. 

Similarly, if you are obese, you might face difficulty in running. Start losing weight by consuming fewer fats and practicing some weight loss exercises. Many people with obesity complain about joint and knee pain while running. So, look after your body, eat well, and then start your running journey with motivation.

7. Make It Interesting 

If you do not feel motivated to run every day, try to put some creativity. Make it fun-loving by selecting your favourite playlist. Besides this, you can opt for an informative podcast. This tip is helpful when you are unable to find a running partner. Wear your headphones, turn on your favourite song, and get started. 

8. Set Smart Goals 

How to Stay Motivated With Your Running after Lockdown
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You will never feel motivated if your goal is to win a marathon. Never make this mistake. Always set small and achievable goals. In this way, you will achieve the goals easily, and your motivational level will rise. 

Additionally, never give up. If you are too tired to run every other day, re-accessing the goals. You might have set some unrealistic goals. Start from the very basic, get habituated to it, and then add up to the next level. 

9. Join Online Running Plans 

Online running plans are not just for the lockdown period. You can still get these plans as they save a lot of time. If you are unable to take out time to visit a trainer, get access to such plans. Now work as per the plan, maintain your records, and access your monthly results. When you invest in an online plan, you will be motivated to run repeatedly. 

Wrapping It Up 

In short, keeping your running motivation high even after the lockdown is tough. However, with the use of few tactics, you can boost up motivation in no time. Buying training gear, getting a running partner, and setting up a new routine can help. 

Moreover, setting small goals, recalling the post-run effectively, and joining online run plans are also great. Practice all these tips and keep running no matter you are working from home or going to an office every day. 

Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for running, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Carpet Cleaning London.

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