As we are approaching the end of the year very soon, it’s time to look back at what each of us has achieved this year as an individual and a community. In 2017, there are running events almost every weekend in Singapore! We have compiled a list of best Singapore running events in 2017, according to number participants, quality of race execution as well as runners’ invaluable feedback.

Some races have been a favourite throughout the years and remain a sweetheart this year. Some of them are being held for the first time this year, but have garnered much love from the running community in Singapore. Majority of runners are looking forward to returning to these running events in 2018.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events Of 2017 + a Notable Mention (In no particular order)

10. Salomon X-Trail Run

The Salomon X-Trail Run 2017 may not be the biggest race in the country with 757 participants this year, however, it’s been one that leaves the unforgettable memory for many. Taking place at different locations each edition, this 9th edition race brought runners to the challenging yet scenic route at Bukit Timah.

“This is one of Salomon’s most unexpected trial routes but memorable in years to come,” said Edmund Fong.

Salomon X-Trail Run

9. Income Eco Run

Nearly 10,000 participants raced in 21.1km Half Marathon, 10km and the 800m Kids Dash in Income Eco Run 2017. The organiser introduced the option for runners to race as a ‘Zero Waste Runner’ for the first time this year, and it was fully-subscribed. 1,500 runners took up the challenge and forfeit their finishers’ entitlements as they pledged to run towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

“A very well organised event as expected. Kudos to the organiser for a well-run event. Will be back next year,” praised ‎Sam Yamayima‎.

Income Eco Run

8. CSC Run By The Bay

Even though CSC Run by the Bay 2017 is organised by Civil Service Club which promotes recreational activities amongst civil servants, the race is open to members of the public as well. With various categories from 21km, 10km, 5km to 1km Kids Dash, there’s something for everyone.

“It’s my 3rd love affair with CSC run. Year on year I see gradual improvement, the same goes for my timing. It’s the passion and the heart of the people from the organisation, pacers, volunteers and of course with many kakis friends to keep your butt running. Well done especially to Micheal and his pacer team!! They have provided the special value I will never forget my last 1km of 21km although their responsibility is just to pace. Special thanks to the 2.20hrs pacers! You have indeed helped me achieve my new PB!” said Eugene Tan.

CSC Run By The Bay

7. Newton Challenge

Held approximately one month prior to Singapore Marathon, Newton Challenge 2017’s 32.195km race is the best long-distance training run and a must-do race for all full marathon runners in Singapore. Runners loved the free post-race meal and dessert, had a love-hate feeling towards the climb of Marina Barrage ramp, and treasured the priceless finisher’s polo tee and medal.

Ben Chia commented, “Another year, another well-organised Newton Challenge. Pink Apple has raised the bar yet again. I will definitely be back next year.”

Newton Challenge

6. Run Free

As a new kid in Singapore’s running scene, Run Free 2017 definitely robbed the heart of many runners. Adopting No-Frills concept, the race allows every runner to participate in the run at no cost. By giving runners the freedom of choice to purchase the add-ons they wish to enjoy, every dollar used is spent wisely. Despite being a free run, it offers free race bib, hydration station and shuttle bus service for all runners.

Ken Ng said, “Thank you Run Free. It was an awesome run. Even though it was free, there was no shortage of hydration stations with Pocari Sweat. You even went the extra mile to cater shuttle buses to ferry us to the event site. The route was great with minimal bottlenecks. Looking forward to next year’s run. I will definitely sign up even if it is not free. Well done Run Free.”

Run Free

5. SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon (SSBR & AHM)

A massive amount of 41,000 runners joined the 25th edition SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon (SSBR & AHM) 2017 this year. As one of the biggest run in Singapore, this year SSBR & AHM also celebrated 50 years of National Service (NS50).

Reg Chua applauded, “I am impressed, given the scale, and the mix of events, the program was well organised and planned. The route was excellent and smooth making the path direct and enjoyable all the way. Refreshing to have all sorts of props and entertainment along the way to keep us going. And sufficient staff on site in case of emergency. Even at the finishing area, though crowded, people were courteous to queue, collect and chill at the Padang. What’s more, the singlet attire was of excellent quality and the medal was thoughtfully designed. I ran with my husband and friends – we all salute you guys! Congratulations!”

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon (SSBR & AHM)

4. Great Eastern Women’s Run (GEWR)

The female-only running event Great Eastern Women’s Run 2017 is the one race that most female runners in Singapore hold dear to their heart. The race pampered more than 13,000 ladies with awesome post-race facilities, such as free breakfast and powder room. Despite the mixed responses to the way organiser handled the rain and breakfast distribution, GEWR remains one of the best races in Singapore.

According to runner Martina Bisio, “GEWR is the best run in Singapore! They are amazing, everything is so well organised: bag pack with useful things, on-time flag off (very important!!), people that help in the race cheering and in good mood, track with good indications, well-positioned drinking stations. Excellent. My best experience in Singapore races with no doubt. Hope next year they add the marathon!!”

Loyal runner, Eliz Lim added, “Good job #GEWR, this is my 5th year and I’m still looking forward to much more in future. Well organised run with sufficient manpower at flag off, water point, finishing point.”

Great Eastern Women’s Run (GEWR)

3. OSIM Sundown Marathon

This year, OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017 celebrated its 10th year anniversary. The homegrown race has grown from a humble beginning to a multi-national running event in the past 10 years. Despite logistics hiccups during REPC, the organiser redeemed themselves quickly in a matter of days. 27,000 runners, a local race that goes international, the only night marathon in Singapore to offer full marathon distance, Sundown Marathon is one of the longest-standing race that saw unyielding support from loyal runners since its inception until today.

Retiree Elson Wong has been joining Sundown Marathon since 2007 when he was 59 years old, and he wouldn’t miss any edition of it. He said, “I’m a big believer that quality of life is enhanced by being physically active, and every time I participate in a Sundown Marathon, I get an opportunity to challenge myself; push the limits, year after year. It’s my pleasure to compete in as many marathons as I can, but the Sundown will always be my favourite.”

OSIM Sundown Marathon

2. 2XU Compression Run

The 2XU Compression Run 2017 saw a huge increase in participation this year. The race went from 20,000 runners last year to 30,000 runners this year. Despite the sheer number of runners and minimum complaints, it’s one of the most-anticipated races in Singapore.

Siti Zubaidah complimented, “Thumbs up for everything from the race pack collection till the race day itself!! A good organisation I should say!! U guys never disappoint me from the very first day I join my first 10km in 2014 and decided to take the HM the following year, this is my 3rd HM with you guys and I have never felt disappointed at all!! Hope to join again next year!!”

2XU Compression Run

1. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM)

This year, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon announced its bid to be an Abbott World Marathon Majors (WMM) event and started many new initiatives. As a result, for the first time in the race’s history, all categories are sold out. With 48,000 participants, it’s the biggest race in Singapore in 2017. Despite the mixed feedbacks from runners of all categories, SCSM remains the must-do race in Singapore.

Tim McGhie commented, “I was running the full marathon and I found the overall experience to be very good. Aid stations and course navigation were good and there was a friendly atmosphere.”

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM)

Notable Mention: STAR WARS Run

Held for the first time in Singapore, the STAR WARS RUN Singapore 2017 deserves a notable mention as it was a sold-out event with 15,000 signups. Runners had to choose between Dark and Light side when they registered for either 4.5km or 10km race. The night ended with spectacular fireworks.

Ashley Sng said, “The WOW factor (fireworks) was a pleasant surprise! The pacesetters are good. Very motivating. Some marshals are alive instead of zombie standing, haha and the sabre light sticks and the full outfit of characters just AMAZING. Great effort in organising the first-time event with many wow factors! Kudos!”


Did you participate in any of the above mentioned running events? What’s your favourite race of the year?

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