13 Worst Running Advices Ever Given to Runners

by On Aug 6, 2019

Don't base your decisions on the advice of those who don't have to deal with the results.

13 Worst Running Advices Ever Given to Runners

There are certain topics that almost everyone has an opinion on. Running is one of those topics, with people offering their best advice. While some of this advice might be helpful, more often than not, this advice is completely useless. Read on for 13 pieces of terrible running advice.

1. Only Drink a Little Water Before a Run

Runners that have ever received advice from non-runners have likely heard this piece of awful advice. Well-meaning individuals often warn their runner friends to cut down on water to avoid getting sick during a run. While this advice may seem like a good idea, it isn't backed by facts. Moreover, runners that follow this advice are likely setting themselves up to be dehydrated.

2. Running on the Pavement Will Destroy Your Knees

Another popular running rumour is that running will harm your knees. Moreover, running on the pavement will completely destroy your body from the impact made by pounding on the ground. Ironically enough, most people that have heard this advice received it from someone that has never run themselves.

13 Worst Running Advices Ever Given to Runners

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3. Smoking Cigarettes Will Help You Get Larger Lungs

Larger lungs will help you run better, right? Whether that is true or not, smoking cigarettes certainly won't help you improve your running abilities. Anyone that believes that smoking will lead to better running is incredibly misinformed.

While cigarettes and running don't go well together, there is a bit of truth to this strange piece of advice. Smokers can make their lungs larger by smoking cigarettes. However, this is because these smokers develop emphysema, a condition where the lungs' air sacs are damaged.

4. Carbs Make You a Worse Runner

Fans of trendy diets often express their hatred of carbs by swearing off all carbohydrates. Some even go as far as to warn others of the dangers of carbs. Such is the case with this piece of advice--many runners are often told that they will run better if they don't eat as many carbs.

However, runners need their carbs. Carbs are used to create glucose, which goes on to become long-term energy that the body uses to perform at its best. This is why so many runners carb up before races and marathons.

5. You Should be Running Until You Throw Up

All runners have their own methods for measuring success, but this is an outrageous piece of advice that is also incredibly dangerous. When the body is pushed to the extreme, it will respond with the shutting down of its digestive system. Moreover, vomiting during or after a run is generally a sign of overheating.

Runners that are aiming to throw up during every run are on the fast track to the hospital. When runners are healthy, they are able to pace themselves, stay hydrated, and perform at their best, feeling even better after the run.

6. Don't Run Outdoors—Only Run at the Gym!

All runners have heard the statement: running outside will kill your form. This line is typically said by non-runners and lovers of treadmills. These people consider running on a treadmill to be the healthiest way to run. While it isn't unhealthy to run on a treadmill, it is just as healthy to run outdoors.

13 Worst Running Advices Ever Given to Runners

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7. Leap Often for a Better Run

Many people encourage runners to leap while running. These people are under the impression that longer strides make for faster runners. However, this advice is more likely to lead to a running injury than a shorter running time.

8. Have a Nut-Heavy Diet

This odd piece of advice suggests that runners eat around 40 chocolate almonds right before a run. This will allegedly help improve a runners' endurance and energy. In reality, this tip will likely cause indigestion or sickness during a run.

9. Clench Your Buttocks During a Run

This advice is a bit of a personal choice and won't really affect the quality of a run. Runners that are looking to strengthen their glutes should go ahead and clench when running.

10. Don't Taper Off Before a Big Run

Many runners that are gearing up for a marathon often taper off their running before the big run. This helps to ensure the body is well rested enough to endure the upcoming run.

11. Running Can Kill You

Some people are under the impression that running will deplete the immune system. This, however, is inaccurate.

13 Worst Running Advices Ever Given to Runners

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12. Run Hard Each Time

Taking this advice is a great way to incur a running injury.

13. Runners Don't Need Bed Rest

According to this advice, runners should run, all the time. However, the body still needs its rest.

With all the poor advice out there, runners should really only take advice from medical professionals and seasoned runners. Do you have any real running advice to share? Feel free to leave a comment.

Dr. Vicky Lauran is a certified holistic life coach and nutritionist, she also has 8 years' experience as a power yoga instructor and holds a Ph.D. in exercise, nutrition and health. She has worked with major online publishers like Web MD and Huffington Post and now is a residential contributor at RunSociety. She loves bringing what she knows to the community and hopes to help everyone on the road to happiness.

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