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10 Important Things I Learned After The Spartan Race Malaysia

by On Oct 25, 2015
10 Important Things I Learned After The Spartan Race Malaysia

The recently held Spartan Race in Kuala Lumpur was an absolutely amazing experience. I have completed a couple of obstacle races over the past months but really, nothing was like what I experienced on Saturday, 10 October 2015.

Although nothing can really prepare you for what you're about to go through, I am sharing what I've experienced in hopes that those who are going for the coming race in November are more confident of their training and those who are still pondering, stop pondering and go look for a slot now!

Ten Tips For Your Spartan Race

1. Tie Your Shoes Laces Tight And Secure.

I saw a few shoes left along the way by their owners. Double knot them. Ditches and mud are shoe traps. Losing your shoes mid of the race can be painful, both physically and financially.

2. Wear An Old Pair Of Shoes And Socks.

My shoes and socks were so deeply crusted in mud I could still smell the mud even after two washes. Don your new shoes only if you want them to be harshly initiated into your sporting madness.

10 Important Things I Learned After The Spartan Race Malaysia

3. Bring A Fuel Pack.

I initially did not intend to bring one because I was thinking "Come on, it's only 6 km plus a few obstacles. How energy sapping can it be?" I couldn't be more wrong.

4. Keep Your Centre Of Gravity Low When You're Going Down Ditches And Slopes.

Slide down the slopes using hands behind you on the ground as 'brakes'. High CG high may cause you to move too forcefully and hurt your ankles and knees upon landing. You will need your legs to finish the course.

5. Learn The Crossfit Rope Climb Technique To Get Up The Ropes.

I thank my coach and box training for the weekly gruelling sessions of WOD.

6. Keep Your Hands As Dry As Possible Throughout The Course.

Though it might be difficult given all the mud and water you have to go through. Grips on bar became more difficult with wet hands and there was a station when there were at least 5 bar types to grip onto to complete the course.

7. Get REALLY Low At The Barb Wire Crossing.

Keep your butts and heads down low, going into the lizard walk position - inner thigh flat on the ground, palms on the ground, chin touching the ground. Uncomfortable, yes and VERY dirty but it helps. I started with my butt too high and got part of my shorts torn and my head scratched by the barb wire.

10 Important Things I Learned After The Spartan Race Malaysia

8. Keep Small But Rapid Steps Up Hilly Slopes.

Go with the flow. Don't overexert and fight the slopes. Be one with the hills and they will guide you through to the finishing line.

9. Practise Your Burpees.

Train for them. 30 burpees at one go is no joking matter.

10. Have The Right Attitude.

Your mind will make everything work. Recognise that there will never be a better time and place right now and right here to become the champion in your own game.

10 Important Things I Learned After The Spartan Race Malaysia


Train well, enter the race arena with gusto and have lots of awesome fun!


At the end of the race, I had so much mud on me, they were everywhere – in my hair, in my ears, all over my face, inside my shorts and tee shirt. But nothing could hide the inner glow of satisfaction from completing a Spartan Race in one piece and the rights to roar "Aroo! Aroo! Aroo!"

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Soo Ee teaches physical education to kids and coach adults in Taekwondo at NTU. She holds a BSc. in Sports (Exercise and Sports Science). She has run in a number of races over the past 2 years, including the recent Sundown Marathon and Asics City relay. Her current obsessions are Crossfit and obstacle races. She hopes to inspire more people, from all ages and walks of life, to make sports and fitness a way of life.

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