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ASICS Relay Singapore 2018 Race Results: How Did Your Team Fare?

by On Oct 23, 2018

The 5th and final stop of ASICS Relay 2018 concluded in Singapore.

What Happened at the ASICS Relay Singapore 2018!

Why was Sentosa Palawan Green so lively on 20th October 2018?

It wasn't because of the fireworks at night, neither was it the bars along the beach, but was the conclusion of ASICS Relay Singapore 2018!

Hosted by 987FM's resident DJ Sonia Chew and Joakim Gomez, ASICS Relay has finally drawn its curtains upon the conclusion of its 2018 South Asian Race Series across the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and its fifth and final destination, Singapore.

This race series grew from four countries last year to five countries this year with a total of 20,400 participants making up 5,100 teams this year and with just Singapore alone, the event welcomed a total of 4,280 participants making up 1070 teams. Even local celebrities and athletes were spotted challenging other participants too!

What Happened at the ASICS Relay Singapore 2018!

Before the official relay race, there was a warm-up session by Fitness First, followed by an opening act by the Percussionists. Participants were also able to indulge within the race village as it was decked out with interactive booths such as the Trampoline booth which showcases ASICS’s Hypergel-Sai shoes, and an exclusive booth selling ASICS’ merchandise.

What Happened at the ASICS Relay Singapore 2018!

The ASICS Relay is different from a regular race as it emphasizes teamwork over individual performance. In order to complete the race, each team of four members ran an assigned portion of the race distance, before passing a relay token to the next teammate for them to carry on the rest of the race distance.

What Happened at the ASICS Relay Singapore 2018!

After completing the race, the participants were treated to a wide selection of food from local kiosks such as Travelling Cow, Carrot Cubes, JP Kitchen, Frost, and Suntory. Moreover, there were many Insta-worthy moments at the 180 photo booths including a dark room illuminated with neon signages, and a ZOUK photobooth, where teams could not only gather to take a souvenir snapshot, but also stand a chance to win tickets to ZOUKOUT 2018. Resident ZOUK DJ Ghetto and DJ LeNERD were present to hype the crowd up with their iconic upbeat tracks.

What Happened at the ASICS Relay Singapore 2018!

The ASICS Relay Singapore finally then came to a conclusion where the grand prize of S$1,000, along with official ASICS activewear, Jaybird wireless earpiece and a one-month Fitness First Platinum Passport Membership was awarded to the 42km Full Marathon winning team.

ASICS Relay Singapore 2018 Race Results

Did you participate in the Relay Race? How did you fare? Check your race results below.

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