The World Marathon Majors consists of six major cities: Berlin, Boston, Chicago, New York City & Tokyo. As an avid marathon runner, your dreams would probably be successfully surmounting these gruelling challenges. Several celebrities and athletes have tried taking up the challenge and managed to succeed. However, instead of commemorating Eliud Kipchoge on breaking the World Marathon Record, why not step back and read about this celebrity who almost gave up but still managed to push through and thrived in the end?

Anne Curtis, a 33-year-old Filipino-Australian actress, model, television host, VJ and recording artist in the Philippines, made no secret of her struggles during her attempt on the 42 kilometres London Marathon which held on 22nd April 2018. However, before the London Marathon, she participated in the New York Marathon back in 2016 and conquered it. While training for the Full Marathon in London for a greater part of the past year, she admitted that there was a point she nearly gave up due to exhaustion and the unexpected heat.

She wrote on her Instagram post:

The London Marathon was my hardest race. The hardest to get into and the hardest for me to finish. Don’t get me wrong, the route is much easier than NYC but I did not expect the unusual London heat.

What has then managed to motivate her and prevail on to complete the marathon?

Joining the marathon certainly wasn’t only a personal conquest but as an appointed Celebrity Advocate of her “For the Filipino Youth” mission under UNICEF-Philippines, she was running for this benevolence. Before the big event in London, Curtis launched a fund-raising campaign for UNICEF-Philippines, encouraging her supporters to reach the initial P84,000 goal. Little does she know that the goal has been surpassed with nearly P283,000 raised instead.

The moment I hit 20km at 12:30pm. I had a hard time breathing, felt dehydrated, the sun was beaming intensely and at one point I wanted to give up but I knew I was running this for a cause. Running with a mission – For the FILIPINO YOUTH! As painful as it was, it helped me power through those 42 kilometres!

Curtis biggest supporters were both from UK-based Filipinos and her lovely husband, Erwan Heussaff, who cheered and accompanied her every step of the way.

On a brink of giving up, she managed to spot Heussaff and started shedding tears, telling him “I’m tired”. However, he kissed her forehead and replied “It’s okay” giving her the strength to continue and push on. After that sweet moment, she ploughed the remaining distance and finally crossed the finishing line.

She concluded by stating:

You don’t know how much it helped me. Thank you. I’ve read all your posts and I’m so touched by your kind words. Thank you so much! Mistakes and new learnings were made on this run but I’m just happy that I crossed that finish line.

However, this was not the end but a new beginning for Anne Curtis.

You were amazing and my first ever toughest run but I’m coming back for you when I’m done with the world majors!! Just you wait.

Are you inspired to join a marathon now? How have you pushed through during tough times? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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