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HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2013: Are You Running REAL?

by On May 27, 2013
HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2013: Are You Running REAL?

Just as the sun rose, 6,000 avid cross terrain runners descended on Harbour Front to race in, what has been touted, “Singapore’s toughest 10km”. At 7am, there was a stream of orange with freckles of colour spanning the road leading to Sentosa. Energetic and loud, the running gang comprised of kids, adults and even grandparents who were ready to conquer this race of sand, gravel and road.

HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2013: Are You Running REAL?

For the Real Run 2013, bags were deposited in trucks that were to be ferried to the end point, unlike most races, where the baggage point is fixed. Runners happily dropped off their belongings and gazed up to a bright day with just enough cloud cover to know that it’s going to be awesome!

“Swoosh!” went the flag, signalling the start of the race. 7.30am sharp, the racers dashed towards Sentosa. The initial leg was tough! Runners immediately met with varying elevations and glutes were put to the test. The faster members of the pack sped forward and met with narrower paths. The 10km race did not require staggering flag off timings as the race was planned brilliantly. The race route only started to narrow after the 1km mark, leaving those unable to take the hills behind.

HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2013: Are You Running REAL?

Toilets were abundant along the race route so there was no hiding behind bushes! Runners were treated to special themes – beach toilets, hotel toilets and even underwater world ones!

Past the first water point and after winding through a jungle path, REAL runners were treated to a shining waterfront view of the Keppel Bay Area. Keeping a good pace and soaking up the sights, they strode forward when they hit their first stretch of beach. White sand and glorious morning sun turned to uneven footing and a serious core workout. The pack thinned further and only REAL runners were running now. The race continued in this fashion with runners dropping from each hill climb and each terrain swap, ending with the winner of the Men’s Open category clocking an amazing 35:13.

HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2013: Are You Running REAL?

There was a slight hiccup with the logistics at the end. Runners returned before the baggage trucks arrived. Luckily, there were carnival games, food stalls and plenty of drinks to go around. So the orange flock kept busy stretching and engaging while waiting for their belongings.

From 2012 to 2013, the route races were drastically different and placed the REAL run in a completely different gear. What will 2014 bring? You’ll discover and enjoy like the answer, only if you run REAL!

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