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ILLUMI RUN 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

by On Dec 24, 2016

ILLUMI RUN was not merely a party on a run. In fact, the party started before the run and continued all the way through the night.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

Palawan Beach at Sentosa greeted thousands of high-spirited runners last Saturday, 17 December 2016, by blasting epic party tunes from the race village from 5 p.m. onwards.

The fourth edition of ILLUMI RUN took runners on a Neon Paradise Adventure by the beach. The running course of 5 km long featured 5 glow zones where runners were doused with colourful Illumi glow water by the enthusiastic organisers.

ILLUMI RUN attracted the most energetic crowd I’ve ever seen in a race. The crowd literally jumped, sang, and danced the heart out before and after the run.

Categories and Benefits

There were 3 main categories to choose from: FOMO, YOLO and Neon Star. Both FOMO and YOLO are considered Regular Illumi Runners, the only difference was the price. FOMO is the early bird version of YOLO. The entitlements for FOMO and YOLO are: splash out shirt, swag bag, foam stick, goggles and free admission to Sentosa (including monorail entry from Vivo City).

Meanwhile, Neon Star participants are entitled to headband, glow water, waterproof pouch and lanyard, in addition to the regular runners’ entitlements.

My partner and I registered under YOLO Individual category. I was pleasantly surprised to find no advertisers or sponsors’ promotion materials, except for a bottle of You C1000 isotonic lemon water which was useful for hydrating after the run.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

Pre-Race Activities

The race village at Palawan Green opened at 5 p.m., two and half hours prior to the flag off, blasting off electrifying tunes from the stage at the centre of the village. Eager party-lovers got the chance to warm up by dancing to the beats.

To help runners get ready for the run, the passionate staffs at Splash Zone were generous in spraying glow water from hand-held gun to innocent runners. At Neon Makeover, runners got dolled up by neon makeup artists. Runners who love to stand out from the crowd got themselves adorned with pink or green tutu skirts from Merchandise booth.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

The inflatable giant flow slide ensured that runners get soaked in glow water and drenched in massive dose of fun. Snacks & Booze tent had what runners need to satisfy their hunger and thirst.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

The Race

The starting pen opened at 7 p.m. as the sky was transitioning into the dark. We waited patiently for the official flag off scheduled at 7.30 p.m. The waiting time was never dull, thanks to continuous music and animated fellow runners. We turned on the lights of our foam sticks and googles, and moved our body to the beats.

Fellow runners, who are mostly teenagers, sang and danced to their heart’s content. We were obviously the older generation who were not familiar with current music trend as we couldn’t recognise most of the songs.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

Once the clock hit 7.30 p.m., we were led to a mini stage, partying to more music, while getting doused with Illumi glow water. After we received a fair share of glow water, the race started. With glow water all over our body, we were definitely ready to illuminate the night.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

Each glow zones were set up with inflatable balloons, forming the shape of an arch. The underside of the arch is decorated with certain theme and ultraviolet light. The glow water stains on our body turned into shiny and colourful neon under the arch.

Not long after the start line, we arrived at the first glow zone, Cosmic Land. We didn’t meet any glow water army here. The old man mentality in us was too scared to be dirty.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

But we weren’t so lucky in the next glow zones (Candy Pop, A Beach Life, Flower Dreams, and Neon Rainforest). Glow water army soldiers were not always visible due to low light, and we got attacked successfully a lot of the time. Because they always attacked from our right side, we made a mental note to always run on the left side when approaching the glow zones.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

ILLUMI RUN 2016 participants beam with joy while being splashed with ILLUMI Glow Water along one of the paradise-themed glow zones.

The running course consisted of a variety of pavement, sandy beach, grasses and trails. The staffs were very helpful in ushering and advising participants of what to expect especially at locations with mudholes and uneven surfaces. At the places with no light poles, organisers helped to light the paths with portable spotlights. And they happily helped participants taking photos when requested.

We reached the finish line at about 8.30 p.m. We walked throughout the entire course. When a staff saw us walking to the race village at the end of the course, he exclaimed, “Welcome to Illumi Walk. Give me high five!” So we did.

After-Run Party

The after-run party started at 9 p.m. with DJ Tinc live in action, followed by CJ Cookie and ended by Rave Republic. A spectacular show of fireworks concluded the night. We, two old people, were too tired after the run. We decided to skip the party and head back home, as we needed to go to work the next day.

If we didn’t have work the next day, we would surely stay in neon paradise until the night ends. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Illumi Run 2016: Run, Jump, Sing and Dance Your Heart Out

The night ends with a bang, as ILLUMI RUN crowd favourites Rave Republic’s deliver a show-stopping set accompanied by fireworks.

Event Overview

  • ILLUMI RUN is a non-competitive race suitable for young party-goers, music and dance lovers
  • Food, beverage and alcohol are available for purchase at race village
  • There’s a mineral water hydration point at the middle of the run
  • It’s best not to hold gadgets while running to avoid contact with glow water
  • No baggage deposit on site, participants are advised to pack light
  • No medal is given to finishers

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