Independence. The word means everything to Singaporeans eager to celebrate Singapore’s National Day and what could be more meaningful than the latest iteration of Run For Singapore?

Participants can expect a mix of old and new, including race items that are so beautifully crafted, signing up with all due speed is important.

Keep reading to find out what awaits once you’re registered for Run for Singapore 2022.

Re-energise The Community

Athletes of all stripes are ready to do battle – with themselves and each other – in the name of friendly competition on myriad fronts as participants mull their options. What sport will get you to your personal goal?

When race categories were expanded in 2021 to include cycling, swimming, talking, gym workouts, skating and more, a Pandora’s box of options were greeted with enthusiasm and they all remain in place for this year’s event.

Almost all sporting activities either indoors or outdoors are eligible for the race.

What won’t change is the dynamic behind this community event.

Every Singaporean is invited to show his or her mettle while striving in unison to symbolise the nation’s heartfelt goals: coming together as one united people eager to prove that there’s nothing like a national running goal annually to demonstrate that our united spirit can overcome anything.

There have been meteoric life changes since the first Run For Singapore’s launch in 2018, yet spirits remain undaunted.

Race Goals. Your Goals. And Where They Intersect

The 2022 theme for Run For Singapore is Towards a Fascinating Future, a phrase that represents Singapore’s collective capacity for overcoming challenges to remain a united society.

Towards that end, Run for Singapore’s 2022 goal is not immodest at 570,000km. If you’ve been keeping track of numbers, you may recall that last year’s goal of 560,000km clocked proved a windfall when participants racked up an impressive 612,356.6km!

Every competitor’s effort is needed to meet (and perhaps exceed?) this number, so your contribution counts mightily toward that goal.

Singapore Children’s Society is the beneficiary for the 5th edition of Run for Singapore 2022. Spacebib Pte Ltd will be donating $1 to Children’s Society for every category sold that includes a Run for Singapore 2022’s finisher medal in Singapore between 1 June 2022 to 1 August 2022.

By The Numbers

Whether you have participated in Run for Singapore in the past or you’re just being introduced to this event, you will be keenly interested in this year’s details:

  • Run For Singapore 2022 registration begins at 11 a.m. on 1 June.
  • The duration of the event gives participants ample time to rack up kilometers between 1 August and 30 September.
  • That goal of 570,000km was not arbitrarily chosen. It surpasses last year’s target by 10,000km.
  • Athletes as young as 3 and as old as 78 have run this race and perhaps those numbers will expand this year.
  • For the first time, athletes are assured Guaranteed Race Items should they failed to complete the race after the race period.
  • New race item – A limited quantity magical Singapore colour changing eco sports water bottle (worth $59) is added to both the 5.7KM and 57KM premium race category as a free gift.
The best magical surprise gift you can get for your kid.

This Year’s Race Rewards Are Truly Over The Top

Completion of your personal challenge not only earns you a medal but this year, that medal is likely to be the most unique and memorable one in your possession.

Singapore’s first ever musical medal.
Exclusive Rights Administered by Warner Chappell Music, Hong Kong Limited. ©Warner Chappell Music Singapore Pte Ltd

As Singapore’s first musical medal, it plays one of Singapore’s most iconic national songs, “Home” sung by Kit Chan as an homage to this year’s theme. Further, these unusual medals are struck with environmental impact in mind: Almost all race products are sustainably sourced or made from recycled materials.

A free colour changing sports bottle depicting the ever-changing Singapore sports scene goes to every participant purchasing any premium category for a limited time period and a holographic-embellished 5th edition Run for Singapore tee will outshine every tee in your collection.

Of course, these symbols of your willingness to go all-out at this 5th anniversary event don’t hold a candle to the overriding strength of the tradition encompassing pride, patriotism, and devotion to country as Singapore anticipates Singapore National Day – an anniversary showcasing this nation’s commitment to inclusiveness.

These are indeed the best race items we have seen so far!

It takes a cohesive nation to come through catastrophes like the pandemic and emerge stronger than before. The 5th Run for Singapore stands as a shining example of resiliency and tradition – reason enough to celebrate.

Hungry for more information about this and other upcoming events? Frequent Spacebib website so you don’t miss a thing.

Are you committed to doing your part to make 2022 the most successful Run for Singapore staged since 2018? There’s a musical medal awaiting your answer!

When is Run For Singapore 2022?

The official Run For Singapore 2022 online challenge will be held from 1 August to 30 September. Participants can complete the race at anytime and anywhere at their own pace during the race period.

What is Run For Singapore?

Run For Singapore® is an annual fitness movement held from August to celebrate Singapore national day. The race distance categories are created in relation to the corresponding year of Singapore’s Independence. Participants are also encouraged to contribute as much mileage as possible towards the national distance goal each year via running, cycling, walking, swimming or other sporting activities.

Which is the most popular Singapore running event?

Since the inaugural launch in 2018, Run For Singapore Online Challenge have attracted hundreds and thousands of participants in Singapore and beyond to join the race. With participants from as young as 3 years old to as old as 78 years old, Run For Singapore is truly an inclusive and one of the biggest national running events in Singapore.

What is a good time to run in Singapore?

The best time to run in Singapore is from 5am to 7am and after 6pm. This is to avoid the heat and high temperatures. However, participants for Run For Singapore can choose to run at anytime at their convenience during the race period.

How to join Run For Singapore Online Challenge?

First, sign up for the Run For Singapore Online Challenge at Then use any running apps or fitness trackers to track your activities during the race period. Upload your results (screenshots or via Strava synchronisation) in your Spacebib account to complete the race. Your race items will be delivered to your shipping address after you have completed the race.

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