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What Went Wrong at the Sesame Street Run Singapore 2019?

by On Nov 18, 2019

Hundreds of complaints from participants swarmed the Sesame Street Run Singapore.

What went wrong at the Sesame Street Run Singapore?

The Sesame Street Run Singapore was held on 17 November 2019, in the morning at Our Tampines Hub. The fun run was organised by event management company Heroes Pte Ltd.

However, the event does not turn up too well as there have been numerous reports of participants venting their frustration on Facebook.

Many complained of long wait times, lack of safety in the race and poor instructions from the organiser. Others also complained of failing to receive the merchandise that they had paid for to take part in the run.

Other issues reported by Mothership include:

  • Insufficient water points.
  • AV equipments and script for the emcee were not prepared in advance, resulting in flag off delay.
  • A power disruption affecting the storage of 4,000 bottles of Vitagen.
  • Insufficient race packs and bibs.
  • Insufficient merchandise like caps and socks for participants who paid for them.
  • Not enough volunteers, causing problems with road marshalling and the run routes.

The Police has confirmed that a report has been made by a vendor (REM event management company) against the event organiser for allegedly defaulting on payments. REM was one of the initial vendors which helped with the media launch of the event but later pulled out of the event.

Mr Aaron Goh, the founder of event management company Heroes, which organised the run, blamed "miscommunication" with its vendors when he told The Straits Times.

Mr Goh added that his company faced a steep learning curve as this is the first time his company is organising such an event.

His company has apologised on the Sesame Street Run's Facebook page after the event.

Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng, who was the guest of honour, told ST that the safety of participants should be a top priority when organisers are planning such events.

Did you participate in the Sesame Street Run Singapore? Share with us your race experience in the comments.

Featured Photo: Our Tampines Hub/Facebook

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