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Shape Run 2013: Feel the Women’s Power

by On Oct 28, 2013
Shape Run 2013: Feel the Women's Power

10,000 women in bright orange Reebok running tank-tops gathered at Nicoll Highway as early as 6:30 am to flag off for the Shape Run 2013 Singapore. Shape Run is a women-only race that takes place annually. There were three categories for the race this year: the competitive 10km and 5km routes, as well as the 2.4km fun run. Originally scheduled to be held in late July, the run was postponed due health concerns raised by the haze. With the haze being nothing but a smoking memory, runners turned out in full force for the rescheduled Shape Run held last Sunday.

The level of logistical aid was commendable, especially at the baggage deposit point and the portable toilets. There were two long rows of toilets, and a huge area kept just for baggage deposit. The medical coverage points were abundant, and the volunteers present were very enthusiastic, cheering the runners on.
Women being women, how could we miss an opportunity to take photos of ourselves? Especially not at a phenomenal race on a bright and sunny day like this! Many runners were seen holding up their smartphones to take self-shots at the start line, before hastily taking off to the finish.

Shape Run 2013: Feel the Women's Power

With a clear sky and little cloud cover, the morning sun shone with full intensity. Since the run took place at a wide stretch of open roadway, there was little chance to escape the heat.

But despite the scorching weather, participants continued running with gusto. Running partners could be seen holding hands and running towards the finish, some were seen taking photos of the FINISH sign, while others sprinted at full speed to get to the booth that was giving out life-saving H2O drinks and complimentary bananas. For me, I was beyond thrilled to receive my share of hydration after my sprint finish.

In fact, my preoccupation with finding hydration after the race led me to forget collecting my finisher's medal. What a surprise when a volunteer actually came up to me and handed over my medal. I really appreciated the attention and helpfulness of this volunteer. Even though there were so many other finishers behind to keep her busy, she still took the time to work through the crowd to find me! A big thank-you to the professionalism of the Shape Run 2013 volunteers!

Shape Run 2013: Feel the Women's Power

With good logistical support and volunteers willing to go the extra mile, Shape Run 2013 Singapore definitely mastered the art of keeping their participants pleased.

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