As the tail-end of 2014 comes up, Singapore’s line up of races is jam-packed with so many exciting runs. Just a week after my 18km Newton Challenge, I laced up my running shoes again, this time for the SIA Charity Run 2014!

Taking place at the F1 Pit Area, the huge Singapore Flyer loomed right above runners as we warmed up before the race. An apt landmark that suited the SIA Charity Run’s aviation theme!

With no delays, the 10km run started at 7am sharp. The majority of the 10km race route took place along the familiar Nicoll Highway, before looping back for a riverside view of the Singapore River back to the finishing line.

Dressed to Impress

With Best Dressed Contest prizes up for grabs, I definitely saw some creative costumes while running. Lots of people spiced up their running outfits with bandanas or scarves containing SIA’s batik design. A couple of runners went the extra mile, and donned wigs and dressed in the signature batik Sarong Kebayas to run. The fact that they were male only attracted more head-turning attention!

The race route did not suffer from any congestion, and I found it hard to believe that there were 13,000 runners turning up for the race!

There were 4 hydration stations for the 10km distance (2 for the 5km runners), so thirst was definitely not a problem for this race.

The only issue I had was the confusion regarding where the finish line actually was. I thought the finish line was prominently placed a short distance from our original starting line near the F1 Pit Building, but the actual finishing line was actually further back, nearer to the Singapore Flyer instead. By the looks of fellow runners I was not the only one that was mildly confused.

Great Sunday Fun at the Singapore Flyer

But that didn’t affect my enjoyment of the after-race activities. After collecting my finisher medal, a bottle of Pocari Sweat and bottled water, there were plenty of things to see and do, with the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Performing Arts Circle performing various song and dance numbers, and SIA stewardesses and pilots dressed in full uniform going around taking photos with runners. Pocari Sweat and Milo handed out free drinks, while a van from Old Chang Kee was present selling snacks.

The spacious and wide open areas made it great for runners to mill around and chat with friends. But we wouldn’t leave mainly because of one thing: the lucky draw grand prize, which was a pair of Singapore Airlines Business Class return tickets to any Singapore Airlines destination, which was worth up to S$24,000!

S$5 Million Raised for the Community Chest

The proceeds from this year’s SIA Charity Run, along with a charity gala dinner last month, came to a total of S$2.5 million raised for charity. With the Care & Share Movement, the Singapore Government matched that dollar for dollar for the final astounding amount of S$5 million going to the Community Chest to help the less privileged.

The attention to detail in this race made a whole world of difference to me. Little touches like race bibs resembling Singapore Airlines’ boarding passes, the start and finish lines being called “Take Off” and “Arrival” points respectively, the finisher medal strap made with SIA’s batik design and SIA stewardesses and captains turning up in full uniform definitely made the SIA Charity Run 2014 a memorable success! I can’t wait to return next year!

Event Overview

  • Even with 13,000 total runners, there were no congestion issues and well-stocked hydration stations.
  • Little touches and attention to detail made the aviation-themed run a success.
  • Attractive and unique lucky draw prizes.
  • Minor confusion regarding where the actual finishing point was located at.
Jonathan Chou

Jonathan was a stereotypical couch potato a few years ago. He finally took the courage to take his health into his own hands, and now enjoys lengthy runs by East Coast Park.

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