adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested at On-The-Go City Hunt

by On Sep 3, 2018

Nothing beats a hands-on experience with adidas’ PureBOOST GO during its recent PureBOOST GO: On-The-Go City Hunt that flagged off from adidas @ ION on last Saturday morning, 1 Sept 2018.

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested

For starters, the Amazing Race styled hunt was actually part of the adidas Runners’ fortnightly running session where members gather around fortnightly for running sessions organised by the brand.

What I like about adidas Runners’ Singapore is their philosophy behind the club. Not only that the running route and challenges changes every fortnight, of late they had upped their game plan with more holistic training programmes such as collaborations with various fitness partners to host conditioning and training workshops, Pilates classes, they even share running tips on their Facebook group with the objective to aid members to train not just harder but smarter so as to elevate their performance.

With the group’s increasing popularity, seats are really limited (80 to 100 attendees depending on the run format and scale) and prior registration is a definite if you don’t wish to face any disappointment. Join the group @adidas Runners Singapore to find out more.

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested

My On-The-Go City Hunt teammates.

PureBOOST GO: On-The-Go City Hunt

With the theme in mind, obviously this session is entirely different. Shaking things up a little, instead of another running session, the session had a competitive edge. First, participants were grouped into teams then were told that there were 8 challenges to complete.

Finally, with the first clue given, we pounded the streets of Orchard Road in hopes to be the first team to return to the store so that we may win the grand prize – a pair of PureBOOST GO retailing at S$170 each. Yes, you read me right. A pair of PureBOOST GO each. That certainly brought out the competitive side of everyone. Although I am already equipped with a pair, who minds a second?

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested

Flag off point, adidas @ ION.

The “Accidental” Stress Test

Now, even though it was only 8 pit stops and almost 40 mins to complete the entire course, we ran up escalators, sped past underpasses, sprinted along the pavements, dodged the early tourists who are not aware that the malls aren’t open till 10 a.m. and performed all our tasks like our lives depended on it.

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested

Through all these, unknowingly it actually put my PureBOOST GO to an excellent stress test. On-The-Go City Hunt, cleverly allowed me to experience the shoes’ functionality all at one go. Brilliant!

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested

Streets of Orchard Road.

PureBOOST GO could be the real deal or rather my real deal, at least

Now, the new adidas PureBOOST GO is marketed as;

  1. The shoe that is made for city running.
  2. Designed for changing directions with urban running in mind.
  3. The expanded Landing Zone increases forefoot stability during multi-directional movements.
  4. Features a BOOST midsole, adidas’ industry-defining technology that offers runners endless energy return.
  5. For a more comfortable fit and a better running experience, a deconstructed circular knit upper, crafted from a breathable fabric, improves flexibility and freedom of movement with each step.
  6. Versatile design makes the PureBOOST GO perfect for running to work, then wearing all day long.

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested

First impression counts

Frankly, when I first put on the pair of darlings and went through the entire “stress test”, all the pointers above had already mentality checked.

  • Suitable for city running? That is for sure!
  • Sudden movements because I had to dodge pedestrians or changing directions due to traffic, the expanded landing zone certainly gave the support and stability that I needed.
  • I have never met up with another brand with comparable energy return.
  • Fabric was nice and soft although the trimmings/stitching at the sides did scratched me slightly. Oh well, this can be easily addressed by wearing the right socks.
  • Lightweight and sleek design, just the way I like.

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested

The Road Test

Too good to be true? I thought so too. So I decided to bring them out for a proper road test, so to speak. I brought my “new friend” to ECP for a 10KM run the next day and I swear even the weather was on my side.

Reason, personally the traction of the shoes are big for me especially when our weather is so unpredictable. So I made a mental note to test PureBOOST GO on wet ground for the traction since Singapore’s weather is so unpredictable. And it rained indeed but I was lucky enough to have missed it!

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested

adidas PureBOOST GO in carbon / carbon / trace maroon.

Similarly, the road test checked most of the pointers above. Personally, these will be what I liked about the shoes:

  • Friendly price point
  • They are really comfortable when running on the streets
    Roomy toe box
  • Because the fabric is light, soft and expandable, I need not worry after my feet expands during the course of a long run
  • I love the clean and minimalist design that it allows to me wear them from work to run without having to pack a separate pair of shoes just for that function
  • Traction is quite efficient on wet surfaces so I need not worry for my safety when running after the rain

adidas PureBOOST GO Tried and Tested


I must admit that nothing is perfect. In terms of the energy return, PureBOOST GO might need to work slightly on that department otherwise in my opinion the adidas PureBOOST GO is a definitely a keeper suited for city runs and I am glad to have our paths crossed, literally.

PS: No, our team lost the game but we enjoyed ourselves very much.

For more information on the reviewed shoes, please visit adidas running or join the AR-SG Facebook group.

Kaizer was convinced that shopping was a form of cardio till someone inspired her to run. Ever since running became her form of cardio second to shopping. Currently she is planning an overseas run complemented by post-run retail therapy.

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