I wasn’t expecting a biology lesson when I visited my doctor following what proved to be a minor running injury, but that’s exactly what I got. He explained that one of the reasons I experience frequent blisters has nothing to do with the socks I wear or the detergent we use to wash them. He guessed that my shoes were the culprits.

Once I left my doctor’s office, I made two promises to myself: First, I would do more research on how my feet function when I run. Second? Much as it pains me to write this, I committed to shopping for new running shoes. I dislike shopping—all shopping. But in this case, I was following doctor’s orders.

How ASICS DynaFlyte 2 running shoes wound up in my shoes rack

That biology lesson consisted of showing me how my foot rolls inward with each footfall. Because my doctor is a runner too, he emphasised the importance of weight distribution if I want to stop rubbing blisters and irritating my skin. He also delivered good news: I hit the genetic jackpot. I don’t over-pronate when I run.

“But that doesn’t mean you can’t get injured,” he cautioned.

Diagnosis determined, I applied due diligence in my search for proper running shoes. Brand comparison was made difficult by the sheer number of shoes on today’s market, but because I was specifically searching for shoes designed for runners who don’t over-pronate, the field was reduced substantively.

In the end, I wound up selecting a pair of ASICS DynaFlyte 2 running shoes.

Can I tell the difference between my old and new running shoes?

Not at first. But that’s to be expected since I’ve been plagued by break-in issues since I was a kid. But once I spent time getting to know my new shoes, the changes were dramatic. Having read everything I could get my hands on about the ASICS DynaFlyte family, I concluded that the Dynaflyte2 is a highly-evolved shoe that’s been re-engineered to improve on earlier models.

Now that I’m aware of the dynamics behind the way my feet contact the ground, I can feel how different the sensation is as my heel lands at a proper angle so my lower leg isn’t assaulted by the sort of shock that can lead to blisters and/or injury. As I push off, my small toes don’t feel much pressure and the high arches support my feet with every footfall on both hard and soft surfaces. Can I tell the difference? Does Singapore get muggy?

Why construction matters

Why do I love the seamless construction of the Dynaflyte 2? Because I prefer to spend my time running rather than cleaning my shoes and footwear featuring exterior seams tends to collect endless dirt and grime. Inside the shoe, I get a double benefit because absent seams, my chances of developing blisters, bruises and skin rubs and seriously reduced.

Having read about how ASICS uses organic “super fibres” to encourage a healthy bounce-back response, I paid particular attention to that on my first long run. Little touches like “discrete eyelets” may not seem like a big deal to you, but I found that they contribute to this shoe’s comfort, as does the rear foot GEL cushioning system. The sock liner is removable, a bonus for guys like me who suffer sweat build-up when running long distances.

Are ASICS DynaFlyte 2 running shoes perfect?

Not 100-percent. What I failed to mention earlier in this review is that I needed half a size smaller than usual. Shoppers feedback that ASICS shoes for women tend to run large while men’s run small. ASICS needs to standardise sizing parameters.

Runner’s Boon

  • The ASICS Dynaflyte2 is an ideal pick for neutral pronators.
  • Seam-free construction means less cleaning time and less skin irritation.
  • Both cushioning and support are top notch.

Runner’s Bane

  • Don’t make my sizing mistake. You may need a half size larger.
  • Limited colours are available and one is tomato red! I went with the conservative mix.
  • This shoe is not for runners who over pronate.

Have you been properly diagnosed by a medical professional to see where you fit on the pronation spectrum?

The ASICS DynaFlyte 2 retail for S$199 is available at ASICS stores and select sporting goods retailers.

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