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ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID System Chose the Shoes For Me and I Got ASICS fuzeX Rush

by On May 19, 2017

The enhanced FOOT ID System at Plaza Singapura recommends the suitable type of shoes and support gears based on foot shape and way of running.

How ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID System Helped Me Decide the Right Shoes for Me and What I Think of ASICS fuzeX Rush

ASICS fans in Singapore should be familiar with the FOOT ID System at Suntec City which analyses customers’ foot shape and gait, and recommends the suitable shoes based on their profile. Now, ASICS offers an enhanced version of FOOT ID System at its relatively new store at Plaza Singapura.

This updated system provides detailed 3D analysis of the customer’s running form via a camera, thus it’s able to analyse torsional stress in the lower limb and propose proper support gear like compression apparel for the customer, in addition to the right running shoes.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

ASICS Plaza Singapura (Credit: ASICS)

How the Enhanced FOOT ID System Works

First of all, interested customers need to make an appointment with the store. Customers are encouraged to wear short pants for the analysis; jeans are not recommended as they will interfere with the sensor during running.

I had the opportunity to try the new FOOT ID System with the guidance of Mr Andy Neo, ASICS Assistant Manager (Sports Marketing). Andy explained that there would be 2 stages of analysis: static and dynamic. The static analysis would measure my foot shape. Meanwhile, the dynamic analysis would measure the way I run.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

Enhanced FOOT ID System at Plaza Singapura (Credit: ASICS)

Prior to the test, I was asked to give information such as age, height, weight, running frequency and weekly mileage, personal best, running pace, running goals, and any discomfort on my body due to running (to which I answered quads).

Static Analysis: Foot Scan

For the static analysis, Andy helped to stick 3 blue markers on my feet and asked me to step into the scanning machine, right foot first followed by left foot. The screen in front of me started to do the analysis and not long after that, it showed me my feet measurement.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

Foot Scan

Andy then printed the result and explained to me the meaning of each measurement. He highlighted that when Toe #1 angle is negative, it means the big toe is angled away from the second toe. People with bunion (big toe angled towards the second toe) have positive toe angle. Toe #5 refers to the tiny toe; negative value means the tiny toe is angled away from the fourth toe.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

Foot Scan result

The letter “D” in foot size means that I have wide feet, thus I need to get shoes with wider toe box. Andy suggested one method to determine if the width of shoes is right for me: if I can open my toes and wiggle when I put on the shoes, the width of the shoes is correct.

Dynamic Analysis: Gait Analysis

The gait analysis in Suntec requires customers to wear shoes and run on the treadmill. In Plaza Singapura, customers run barefoot. Prior to running, Andy helped me to stick 4 sensors at the back of my lower limbs. Then I was asked to do a warm up run to get used to barefoot running on a treadmill.

Once I felt comfortable, Andy started the camera which records 3 seconds of my running. During the run, Andy turned off the monitor so that I couldn’t see what the camera captured, in order to prevent me from trying to change my running style.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

Gait Analysis

At the end of gait analysis, Andy remarked that when I ran, my left foot landed on the heel while my right foot landed on the forefoot, so I must try to be consistent when running. He also said that my left foot has neutral pronation while my right foot has some degree of overpronation. Underpronation is when the foot rolls outwards, overpronation is when it rolls inwards, and a neutral pattern is when little rolling occurs.

When you wear shoes with similar pronation properties as your running style, you will increase comfort, running efficiency, and decrease the risk of injury


As Andy printed my result, he emphasised that the report is not a medical report and it would probably change 3 months later because my way of running might have changed. The result is a combination of system’s suggestion as well as experienced staff’s input.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

FOOT ID result

The result recommended that I wear either road shoes or easy shoes. It said that my heel inclination and knee torsion tend to be relatively high, so I need shoes with strong support and stability, which are commonly found in road shoes such as Kayano or GT-2000. In addition, easy shoes such as fuzeX, work well for me too as I frequently run short distances. Thus, I was given a fuzeX Rush to try on my own.

The result also recommended me to wear support gears, such as tights, to stabilise my knees and reduce pain on my quads. And it didn’t recommend me to wear fast shoes due to lack of support.

ASICS fuzeX Rush

ASICS fuzeX Rush is a shoe from the easy category which is fashionable yet built with technologies that support casual running.  If your office’s dress code is casual and you have a plan to run after work, ASICS fuzeX Rush is the perfect shoes to wear the whole day.

My first impression when I saw the black shoes was that it looks unassuming and humble. I felt that it would blend in effortlessly with my casual clothing and it won’t attract too much attention in public places.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

As I put on the shoes, the opening felt a little too small to slide my feet in. I needed extra time to loosen the laces in order to slide my feet in easily. The good thing is, the upper nicely wrap my feet with a snug fit. Despite the close-fitting, the upper and tongue are thin and flexible, thus my feet movement is not restricted when running.

One thing that I love most from the shoes is how lightweight it is. I hardly notice the weight of the shoes during my runs. The reason lies in the fuzeGEL technology in the midsole, which is a fusion of GEL technology and foam that gives the shoes its lightweight characteristic. ASICS fuzeX Rush is my go-to shoes when I want to attempt a personal best for short distance runs that are less than 10km.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

The cushioning of the sole is slightly on the higher end of the firmness spectrum. The outsole consists of white soft foam and reinforced with black colour ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) placed in critical areas for durability. The AHAR in fuzeX Rush is a material with exceptional abrasion resistance, that means it will take a long time for the bottom of the sole to lose its grip due to constant friction with the road. Most likely, the lifespan of the shoes ends when its AHAR material is completely worn off.

The upper is not waterproof, but it does have some degree of protection towards light splashes of water. One time, I lightly spilled water onto the shoes accidentally. The upper felt dampened but to my surprise, my feet were dry.

ASICS Enhanced FOOT ID and ASICS fuzeX Rush

Runner’s Boon

  • ASICS fuzeX Rush is perfect for both daily casual activities and short distance running.
  • Thanks to the fuzeGEL technology in the midsole, ASICS fuzeX Rush is lightweight and doesn’t weigh me down during runs.
  • Due to its lightweight characteristic, it is great for interval training, tempo runs and fartlek.
  • The AHAR technology in the outer sole has excellent abrasion resistance and increases the durability of the shoes.
  • The seamless construction of the upper mesh minimises the possibility of skin irritation caused by traditional stitches.

Runner’s Bane

  • It has a slightly narrow toe box, so if you have wide feet, do consider half a size bigger.
  • The white colour foam gets dirty easily, I need to clean it regularly.
  • I wouldn’t wear fuzeX Rush for marathon training or trail running as it’s not designed for long distance or trail running.
  • When I wear fuzeX Rush on a bright sunny day with socks on, my feet felt warm after extended hours of usage outside air-conditioned rooms.


ASICS fuzeX Rush is a no-frills shoe without many reflective and eye-catching overlays. I love this midgrey/black/white colour combination because it shows the calm and introvert side of me. If I can sum up ASICS fuzeX Rush in 3 words, they would be cool, light and fast.

ASICS fuzeX Rush is one of the many shoes that fit the recommendations given by the enhanced ASICS FOOT ID System in Plaza Singapura. The system doesn’t recommend the exact model of shoes, instead, it suggests they type of shoes suitable for the customer. The decision on which model of shoes to get still lies in the customer’s hand. Why don’t you give it a try?

The fuzeX Rush model retails at S$169. It will be available for men and women at ASICS online stores and select running outlets.

ASICS Enhance FOOT ID is available at ASICS Plaza Singapura #02-04, Store Opening Hours are Monday-Sunday: 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Eva is a casual runner who has been hooked on marathons since her first race in 2011. She’s content to spend her weekends only on running. She is also a hiking enthusiast and traveling addict. When she’s not doing outdoor activities, she indulges in reading.

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