C3fit Men’s Impact Long Tights: Providing Medical and Sport Performance For Better Health

by On Jan 7, 2015
C3fit Men’s Impact Long Tights: Providing Medical and Sport Performance For Better Health

As the climate in Singapore is hot and humid throughout the year, I am always thinking of ways for a cooler run. Thankfully, there is a new kid on the block – the C3fit Men's Impact Long Tights. Certified as a general medical device in Japan, this high-performance garment is a perfect combination of fit and function, through the three C's: Compression, Conditioning, and Comfort.

Its Benefits

Sometimes, I head out the door for an intense and grueling workout that is independent of weather, but once in a while I need some protection from the elements. C3fit Impact Tights are designed to provide firm support to the hips, knees, thighs and calves. Using the ultimate in dry mesh, lightweight and breathable compression technology, C3fit Impact Tights allow complete flexibility in movement and enhance blood flow to my hard working muscles, which reduces their fatigue and the impact of running. Yet, the perfect fit does not undermine comfort over extended periods of use.

In 2013, a study on C3fit's performance in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found conclusive evidence that supports the use of compression tights. Albeit a little technical, test subjects reported "a significantly lower level of perceived exertion and greater comfort values while wearing the graduated compression tights, which supports their use for maintenance of lower limb muscle power after submaximal endurance running" (Rugg & Sternlicht, 2013).

C3fit Men’s Impact Long Tights: Providing Medical and Sport Performance For Better Health

Pros and Cons

C3fit Impact Tights keep me warm and dry, but are quick and convenient to remove, a great idea for those awkward moments when I really need to go! Indeed, at first I found them a little too warm, but the dry weave materials breathe so well and wicks away sweat and moisture so efficiently that I adjusted quickly. Initially, when I was shopping for some new compression garments, I was a little doubtful since C3fits are priced below the cost of some other tights, but soon recognized that other brands might just be glorified long underwear.

Designed for Multiple Sports

Although the C3fits were designed with runners in mind, hikers, walkers and pro skiers are donning a pair due to their incredible flexibility, warmth and superb comfort. In addition, the knee support, similar to a snugly fitting knee wrap, adjusts for high impact runs or across different terrains are super for cross-country enthusiasts like me. The C3fit's ability to increase circulation also helps prevent injury, reduce swelling and promote recovery for those times when I overdo myself.

C3fit Men’s Impact Long Tights: Providing Medical and Sport Performance For Better Health

Quality and Unique Standards

In the past, a pair of compression pants was either so tight they created bunching in all the wrong places, or not tight enough, which ended up with my pants slipping down off the backside -- neither comfortable nor convenient. C3fit's are unique in the field, since they are easy to pack and store, are tight enough for support, but stay in place even after hours on the road and I hope they last long enough.

I needed to take control of my running, my training, and specifically, my personal comfort. Once I tried on a pair and took them out on a test run, I was amazed by the C3fit Men's Impact Long Tights performance and rewarded myself the next day when I felt great and totally charged for my next run.

Have you tried a C3fit compression wear before? Share with us your opinions in the comments.

Runner's Boon

  • More lower priced compared to some other brands
  • A variety of designs and colors
  • Quick and convenient to remove

Runner's Bane

  • Might be a little warm which might not be suitable on hot days

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