Can Simple Hydration Bottles Kick Ass? Count On It!

by On Aug 15, 2016

I once had issues with water bottles—until the Simple Hydration bottle came along. Now, I'm happy to spread the word about the bottle that earned my approval!

Can Simple Hydration Bottles Kick Ass? Count On It!

Please don't lecture me on the topic when I say that I'm guilty, on occasion, of not drinking enough water when I run. Believe me, I'm not out to ruin my health. It's just that I've other concerns associated with my bladder. Just the thought of liquid swishing in my stomach when I run has, at times, determined the size of my sips.

But after considering this situation and the danger I put myself in by not drinking enough — particularly when it gets muggy in Singapore — I realized that potty-obsession isn't the only reason for my discontent: it seems that over the years, I have developed an irrational dislike for water bottles.

Should I see a therapist? Possibly. Especially after searching the Internet for fellow water bottle haters and finding none.

What do I have against these hydration stalwarts? They leak. They slip out of my hands when I sweat. They're shaped so awkwardly, finding a place to secure even a streamlined water bottle has become a hat trick. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to apologise to all water bottles now that Simple Hydration has come into my life.

Why I Toast Brian Hock Regularly

Once upon a time, Brian D. Hock, founder of Simple Hydration, found himself in a state that could only be described as "parched" while training for an upcoming triathlon. Priming his mind and body to charge into the event, his mind hit upon the idea of inventing a water bottle shaped to contour to the human body that provides a ready-made hanging feature.

After his event, he took the idea to his wife. She was immediately enthused and not only helped him build some "crude" prototypes, but suggested letting their kids test them. To assess performance, the couple asked the children to run around the living room to see how the new-fangled bottle behaved. Talk about benefits. Not only did the concept pass muster and give birth to Simple Hydration, but the kids were too tired to argue with each other after finishing their testing duties!

Can Simple Hydration Bottles Kick Ass? Count On It!

The Project Secures Funding and Fans

Not every start-up gives credit to the folks behind the underwriting, but if you visit the Simple Hydration website, you'll note lists of the people who helped the new bottle of my dreams get to the sports gear market. Why is this important? Because new ideas come and go, but this one actually met the unspoken need of runners for a water bottle engineered for the way we move and our desire for a mobile hydration source that isn't annoying.

Grooves on the exterior help with traction so the Simple Hydration bottle doesn't slide around as easily as it would were the exterior surface smooth. Because this water bottle is so unique, you can order it from multiple resources, from the corporate website to Amazon and plenty of sporting gear stores for around S$28. That's the cost of one nice lunch, only this bottle won't give you heartburn!

About the Bottle Design

What do I find intriguing about this water bottle that I didn't when I was a bottle hater in the past?

The Cap: It fits snuggly on a larger mouth so when I queue at fountains for refills, I don't incur the wrath of runners behind me because it fills fast. No leaks, either.
The size: The BPA-free plastic bottle holds 13 ounces of H2O, the recommended amount for a 3 to 10 mile run.
The hook: If there's genius in this product, it's the shapely hook that gloms onto anything you wish. Hang it from a waistband, pocket, belt, sports bra or any other place that looks intriguing.
The water chamber: Engineered to slide into my shorts at the centre of my lower back, the contoured bottle shape feels comfy and when I reach for it, even if I'm all sweaty, my grip feels secure.

Can Simple Hydration Bottles Kick Ass? Count On It!

Runner's Boon

  • Convenience, convenience and convenience as well as comfort, comfort, comfort.
  • This is like no water bottle you've owned; if you're a trendsetter, prepare for inquiries!
  • Finding a 13-oz mobile water carrier that's a hands-free design is reason enough to celebrate.
  • Makes a perfect pairing under my FlipBelt; even when full, I don't hear sloshing!
  • This makes one great, affordable gift for the runners in your life (I've already holiday shopped).

Runner's Bane

  • The bottle takes time to become accustomed to. I started with a half-full bottle and worked up to a filled one.
  • One woman tested my bottle and her shorts waistband couldn't handle the weight
  • Tie your drawstring bottoms tight if you don't want to flash the public!
  • I got a few complaints about chafing caused by the holster handle moving against skin.
  • Occasional leakage has been noted, but I blame humans for improperly tightening the lid.

Can Simple Hydration Bottles Kick Ass? Count On It!


There's no doubt in my mind that this water bottle is an idea whose time has come, and since I adore the story behind the invention, I was happy to part with S$28 to find out if I would love it as much, once I tried hooking it up to a variety of places. I feel the need to share a friend's comment that the bottle looks like a phallic symbol!

Did it take getting used to? I confess: it did. But I wanted to love it so I persisted and eventually, I stopped thinking about it — until the day I strained my back. On a whim, I put ice cubes into the Simply Hydration bottle and stowed it in the area of my mid-back. It was love at first ice. Buy it for the engineering, innovation and convenience. And if you've got a sore back, enlist it to help soothe your back, too.

Have you got a funny, serious or unusual story related to a water bottle that you carried when you ran? We would love to read it!

The Simple Hydration Water Bottle is available online for S$28.

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