There’s something magical about gold that’s fascinated humans since we began to roam the Earth. To reach gold veins centuries ago, primitive digging tools helped early hominids gain access to precious metals, and while today’s tools are more sophisticated, we remain respectful of the shiny ore hidden within our geologic world.

But, in addition to beauty, gold has become synonymous with power and wealth, which is why the world recognises a “gold standard” symbolising the metal’s perceived value. Is it any wonder the top Olympic medal is made only of this precious metal?

Given gold’s reputation, intrinsic value and our lust to get our hands on it, Puma came up with the clever idea of fabricating select pairs of IGNITE running shoes with gold-embellished soles. Will wearing them help me feel like the god Mercury whose gold wings helped him fly across the sky?

Will they get me the personal best that’s been eluding me? To find out, I wore a pair for weeks to see if I, too, could be golden.

What’s the Value of the Puma Gold Running Shoe?

Because my new Puma IGNITE Dual Gold running shoes weigh 8 ounces, I decided to consult the international gold market on the day of my purchase to see what my kicks would be worth if they were made of real gold.

You may wish to sit down before reading this: my 8-ounce shoes would be worth US$10,152 at the going rate of $1269 USD per ounce. Did this make me look differently at the shoes on my feet? I can’t say, but of one thing I am sure: running on gold soles meant these Ignites had plenty to prove!

I took my Gold IGNITEs out for several test runs before evaluating their merits. In short order, I discovered them to be flexible, comfortable, versatile and I understood what Puma developers meant when they refer to it as an “energy-returning shoe.” Translation: what I put in, I get back.

Does this mean that because the soles are gold, that’s where the magic resides? Not so much. But to me, the power and cushy feel associated with the shoe’s full-length foam midsole are worth their weight in gold.

To cool down the hot power of this gold sole, the dual mesh upper ventilates my feet and contributes to the light, flexible feel of the forefront that also balances the stability of the heel.

These Kicks Have Both Souls and Pretty Soles!

After running in my gold IGNITEs for a couple of days, I was dismayed to see that my white Puma shoes were dirty, so I had to clean them up before setting off on another test run. I laced them up and noticed for the first time the articulated chevron grooves that were added to the engineering of the Gold IGNITE to provide me with several sensations that ran from the midsole’s compressed sides to the power I felt each time I rebounded.

This is the first time I’ve owned running shoes fitted with a heel clip to keep slips to a minimum, and I’ve got to add that I’ve never before got as much attention from other runners that I have since I began wearing them.

One guy stopped me along my usual route to ask me where I park my angel wings and halo when I run! Say what? This dude is comparing me to an angel? That’s way too much pressure, even for these shoes.

Runner’s Boon

  • Nothing compares to the energy-returning design engineered into this holier-than-thou shoe which truly makes me feel as though I’m running from the devil when I hit my top speed!
  • The IGNITE Gold shoe is both flexible and airy and if you look closely, you’ll see the subtle metallic detailing.
  • Underneath that gold sole is a grade of carbon rubber that’s compounded for extreme durability in both the heel and toe areas.
  • IGNITE foam cushioning makes me feel as though I’m running across clouds, so I get Puma’s promise to deliver “extreme step-in comfort.” One wearer compared hers to running on butter! How’s that for a delicious review?

Runner’s Bane

  • Sorry to whine, but this is likely to be my first and last pair of white shoes. This classy-looking footwear has turned me into a cleaning fanatic. They’re cool. But I hate to be turned into a cleaning machine.
  • I was disappointed that my gold and white heaven runners came with pedestrian laces. C’mon. Is that the gold standard for snug fits?
  • The articulated chevron grooves look awesome when these shoes are clean, but run a few trails and this trim turns into a not-so-attractive collection of dirt traps.
  • At around S$159 per pair, you’ll have to love these gold embellished shoes a lot to compensate for the time you’ll spend cleaning them!


Have you thought about what you’ll wear to your wedding or your bridal shower? If you’re still searching for comfy shoes, you owe it to yourself to pair even your fanciest wedding gown with a pair of these luxurious-looking running shoes.

On the other hand, if all you care about is a pop of drama with a whole lot of support and you don’t care a whit about the amount of cleaning these IGNITE Dual Golds will require, we happily proclaim you, woman and shoes.

The brand is solid. The engineering is solid, too. And there’s that “maximum energy return” promise that is compatible with the breathable textile lining and molded EVA sock liner that cuddles your arches like a sweet lover.

If you’re looking for attention and you love making trendy statements, the Puma IGNITE Gold is your gold standard. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when it comes to the amount of time you’ll spend making these bad boy shoes look clean and respectable!

The Puma IGNITE Dual shoes retail for S$159 and are at all Puma stores and authorised retailers across Singapore.

How picky are you about running in shoes that hide the dirt and soil you pick up along your favourite running path? Can you share your shoe cleaning secrets with readers eager to add white running shoes to their wardrobes?

Priscelia Chin

Priscelia adores beautiful visuals and has a keen eye for detail. As a smart shopper and avid runner, she assists in the creative direction of RunSociety as well as occasionally conjuring thought provoking articles. Never shy to give constructive feedback, she also manages the product reviews section.

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