Check out this Trendy, Men’s Athletic Apparel Trio from Newline Products

by On Aug 11, 2015
Check out this Trendy, Men's Athletic Apparel Trio from Newline Products

Who says guys don't care about quality, style and fit when they pursue their favourite athletic endeavors? Not us! Savvy men know that if the clothing they buy to run, workout and otherwise engage in sports with doesn't fit properly or hold up, what's the point? Perhaps that's the reason international sports enthusiasts love the Newline brand of fashionable, trendy, hard-working separates. Guys look good, their garb stands up to rugged endeavours, yet these separates wash like a dream. Newline just introduced a trio of new designs for their Imotion collection. After all, dressing for comfort and style doesn't have to be limited to formal occasions!

Check out this Trendy, Men's Athletic Apparel Trio from Newline Products


Do exotic stories of business start-ups thrill you? There's probably none more exciting that the tale about how Newline got its start. The company founder—who's anonymous, hence the mystery and drama—was once a member of Special Forces. One day, as he hung from a descending parachute, he wondered why his parachute stayed dry while his clothes were always wet. By the time his feet touched ground, his idea for crafting running suits of parachute fabric was born. Feel free to share this tale next time you and your buddies talk gear!

The Bottom: Imotion 2 Layer Shorts (Grey)

Cut expertly to hug body contours while men pursue activities that suit their fancy, Imotion two-layer shorts are easy to differentiate from imitators and competitors. The secret to this clever design is the layering: a woven, loose-cut outer short offers freedom of motion, while lightweight, stretch inner tights do everything from keeping legs warm to offering a bit of extra support. There's a zip pocket affixed to the waistband to stow essentials: small electronics, keys, ID, cash or nothing at all. Pull on the drawstring waist to adjust the fit and you're literally and figuratively off and running.

Check out this Trendy, Men's Athletic Apparel Trio from Newline Products

The Top: Imotion Tee (Dark Navy)

As you progress from cool to sweaty during your favourite sport, you want a shirt that looks great while managing moisture, so the new Imotion tee with ventilated mesh panels that cools your torso could make the top of your must-have list. Although it's made of polyester, wearers say this tee feels soft and supple. The fit is relaxed, so men who prefer comfortable, loose tops are delighted that the material doesn't cling, even on the hottest days. Newline's Imotion tee offers what the company calls “moisture transportation management”, but you can call it, "I'm looking and feeling cool!"

Check out this Trendy, Men's Athletic Apparel Trio from Newline Products

The Outerwear: Imotion Jacket (Green)

What fashionable man says "No" to a practical jacket that coordinates beautifully with Imotion shorts and tees? Not you. This fashionable windbreaker could become the single most useful clothing item you own. Stay safe at night and in bad weather thanks to reflective properties woven into this jacket’s exterior. Newline insists this windbreaker is for autumn and spring wear, but this jacket is a boon on cool summer evenings or layered with long-sleeve thermal shirts when winter approaches. Ventilated punch panels allow for air circulation even when the zipper’s up, so if you're in mid-run and haven’t time to strip drown, just keep going.

Check out this Trendy, Men's Athletic Apparel Trio from Newline Products

Runner's Boon

  • Imotion two-layer shorts, tees and jackets are all made of polyester fabric, so throw them into the washer and dryer to keep your separates perpetually clean and neat, and so that the colours won't fade over time.
  • It can be difficult to fit larger men, but that's no problem for Newline. Catering to all manner of men who wish to exercise, Newline manufactures garments in this collection that range from size Small to 3XL.
  • The Newline brand has a solid reputation to uphold, so garment engineering is solid, which means it stands up to any sort of abuse active men can dish out. Based in Denmark, Newline is sold throughout the world to men who know a great athletic brand when they see it.

Runner's Bane

  • Athletes allergic to polyester—and those who simply dislike the feel of this artificial fabric—are disappointed to note that each of these three separates is not only made of 100-percent poly, but the inner tights on the shorts pair 88-percent poly with 12-percent elastic threads.
  • Colours are limited in the Imotion line. If safe neutrals are favourites, you'll like a masculine colour palette that's primarily black and blue with some green thrown in. If you prefer your shorts, tees and jackets fashioned from patterned cloth, this may be a turn-off for you.
  • Your budget could take a hit if your state of financial health isn't the best. Pricing for the Newline apparels may be on the higher end but we feel that the quality of the products make every single cent worth it.

Where to Buy

Newline sports products are sold worldwide. You can find out where to get them at Newline official site.

Check out this Trendy, Men's Athletic Apparel Trio from Newline Products


These three athletic garments have lots going for them, including extra-large sizes, the versatility of polyester and dare we suggest the intriguing tale of the Newline start up? Whether you're finicky about what you wear as you pursue favourite athletic endeavors or you just want clothing that holds up for the long haul, it couldn't hurt to buy one of these items and test-drive it to see how it performs. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself returning for the coordinating pieces at a later date.

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