Cloud Runners: Running on Clouds

by On Sep 18, 2013
Cloud Runners: Running on Clouds

Swiss brand, On shoes, has found a winner in the Cloud Runner which is specially designed for high impact runs, long training sessions and endurance runs. With its all new integrated Speedboard, it transfers impact into speed and also offers superb cushioning. The result? Your run is transformed into a light natural run that trains your postural muscles.

Cloud Runners: Running on Clouds

Other thoughtful elements include a 3D air mesh for protection and breathability in the shoe’s upper with a smart foam that adapts to the foot for comfort and moisture control. A moulded insole provides fantastic arch support which is definitely a plus for flat footers like me and the CloudTec® rubber on the outsole ensures that it provides great durability and a firm grip on and off the road thus allowing endurance to be built on any terrain.

First Impressions

Cloud Runners: Running on Clouds

I love the colours on the Cloud Runners that I got - a deep maroon base with striking yellow shoelaces. It wasn’t particularly light at 270gm. The most noticeable feature are of course the fifteen rubber pods on the soles that are referred to as clouds, touted to cushion your landing and absorb the impact from running both vertically and horizontally.

Let’s Run

My first go at it was to the stadium. I could definitely feel more spring with each step that I took and I didn’t have the feeling of being weighed down, which was what some other shoes made me feel. I think that more runs are needed for one to get used to the shoes, though not much breaking in was needed for these runners. Post run, I usually have some arch pain from an on-going injury but did not experience any this time round. To test whether it was the shoes or the terrain that made the difference, I ran on concrete several times and even participated in the Straits Times Run in the Park that led me running on pavement, grass and gravel. I can safely say that I did not feel any of the usual soreness after that.

Cloud Runners: Running on Clouds

Runner’s Bane

  • Very good performance in terms of cushioning upon impact, even on long runs
  • Good heel to toe transition (for heel strikers)
  • Suitable for all terrains

Runner’s Boon

  • Cost S$249. More expensive than most sports shoes in the same range
  • The clouds do require some getting used to (takes a few runs)

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