Even Your Mum Might Recommend pjur active 2skin

by On Jul 9, 2015
Even Your Mum Might Recommend pjur active 2skin

It's an old saying your mum may have repeated when she soothed your hurt feelings: Beauty is only skin-deep. As I got older, I came to understand how important that phrase can be—particularly since I stay so active. There's hardly an inch of my body that hasn't been exposed to one assault or another. Wind. Rain. Snow. Blisters. Cuts. Chafing. The list is endless! So when I heard about a new product launched in Asia and Australia that went on to star in the Frieburg Marathon in Germany, my curiosity was piqued and I began researching pjur active 2skin. When I learned that the maker was giving out free samples, I did a happy dance. Keep reading to learn how you can try it for free, too!

The Company

Germany is known for innovative skin care brands like Beiersdorf AG, Coty Deutschland GmbH and L'Oréal Deutschland GmbH, so it should come as no surprise that pjur, the 20-year-old company that markets a wide variety of lotions, potions and creams, introduced a new line of skin protection products aimed at athletes. pjur has a presence in 50 countries worldwide, so nations like Singapore with dynamic fitness cultures made a great test market, but be forewarned: the brand name is associated with creams and lotions made for enhanced sexual activity. The pjur active 2skin collection is a first venture into athletic lubricants. So far, so good—at least from my standpoint.

Even Your Mum Might Recommend pjur active 2skin

What Can pjur active 2Skin Do For You?

It's an application of ingredients meant for thighs, feet, hands, torsos and every inch of skin that can be threatened by abrasion. Rub it on before you run, cycle, exercise or undertake physical endeavors, and voila! An invisible protective film keeps your skin from being damaged. pjur active 2skin contains cell structure properties, so applying it has benefits in addition to protection. Though it bears a quirky name (pjur is a twist on the English word "pure"), it's been tested by dermatology and sports injury experts who like the fact that it's free of emulsifiers, and since it's water- and sweat-resistant, skin breathes rather than being smothered.

How Does it Work?

No mystery here: assess the risks you most anticipate as a result of your own active history. Do you run? Slather it on your feet. Body build? Creases in your body with the most sweat glands will thank you. Pick an endeavour and identify the hot spots vulnerable to chafing and abrasion that could do with protection offered by pjur active 2skin, and worry not about pore clogging or unsightly outbreaks like acne. The silicone base literally morphs itself into a shield when applied; pjur claims it even equalizes skin pressure over large areas of the body. Pile on the protection by applying multiple times if your skin is extremely sensitive to build your wall of skin defense.

Even Your Mum Might Recommend pjur active 2skin

Runner's Boon

  • pjur active 2skin offers a free 2 x 2 double sachet sample, so if you're worried about spending your hard-earned cash on a lubricant that may not give you the benefits you seek, try it out using this link to get your freebie.
  • Perhaps you've searched endlessly for a preservative-free product that lubricates sensitive skin, but your skin continues to react. This could be your water-, sweat- and chafe-free solution, because there are no preservatives in pjur active 2skin.
  • pjur active 2skin gels are dermatologically tested by a German laboratory and are good for the skin and not bad at all. Their high quality ingredients are used in cosmetics as well and the gel doesn’t clock the pores, so athletes won’t have any skin reactions.
  • Are you annoyed by companies who only have their products in one size? pjur active 2skin comes in many forms. Choose a 5-pack of sachets, a 0.68 fl. oz. (20.1 ml) dispenser, 3.4 fl. oz. (100.6 ml) bottle, 8.5 fl. (251.4 ml) oz. bottle—or follow my lead and buy a refillable system that allows you to keep up to 34 fl. oz. (1 L) of product on hand at all times.

Runner's Bane

  • If you are sensitive to companies selling sexual performance enhancing gels, sprays and lotions, you might not want friends and family to see you applying anything with the pjur name for obvious reasons!
  • Although available on the international scene and websites, finding the newest pjur line – active 2skin could be problematic if you don't like ordering online. Perhaps once it's been on the scene for a longer period of time it will be easier to find.

Even Your Mum Might Recommend pjur active 2skin


The few negatives associated with this new pjur lubrication don't amount to much if, like me, you had been on a quest that equalled that of searching for the holy grail—only in my case, I just wanted to find out how it felt to indulge in my favourite athletic activities without being preoccupied with fears or rubbing, chafing and skin issues that could sideline me for days. Add the free offer and what do you have to lose? If you can think of a downside (assuming you don't mind the sexual product reference), do let us know what it is! We promise not to tell Mum.

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