How do I Break the News to My Mum that I’ve Fallen for the Fitbit Charge 2?

by On Dec 6, 2016

Take a lesson from me: If you fall in love with the Fitbit Charge 2, find a way to talk about your new device without getting everyone’s hopes up!

How do I Break the News to my Mum that I’ve Fallen for the Fitbit Charge 2?

I'm pretty sure my mum is sitting by her (non-smart) phone waiting for me to explain what I meant when I said I'd finally found my ideal match! She's keen to get me married off, so our chat took a weird turn as I was about to describe my latest find: the FitBit Charge 2.

From the minute the sales associate placed in on my wrist, I was hooked. Now, I need to burst Mum's biggest dream quickly, because if I know my family, they're already planning the wedding dinner.

It Starts With My Heart

Just as every great love story is introduced, I've got to begin my review by talking "a bit" about the FitBit Charge 2's health benefits. The latest iteration of this wrist device is going to monitor every beat my heart registers as I work out to make sure I’m neither slacking off nor pushing too hard for too long. And this is just the beginning of the health-focused features that comes standard with this accessory.

Powered by PurePulse, my cardio fitness levels are reported in real time courtesy of the personalized Cardio Fitness Score feature, and you won't catching me leaving it on my dresser when I hit the gym for weight and yoga sessions because the Charge 2 also monitors my performance when I cross-train.

Want to know just how smart this new technology is? It even stores my heart rate data at one-second intervals when in full "exercise tracking" mode, and in five second intervals when I’m not.

How do I Break the News to my Mum that I’ve Fallen for the Fitbit Charge 2?

It Makes Me Look Smart

My black Fitbit Charge 2 is, in many ways, like my personal assistant, only I don't have to put anyone on my payroll to garner the benefits associated with having an aide at my fingertips. I can glance down in mid-run, mid-rest or midnight to retrieve calls, text messages and calendar alerts, without having to retrieve my smart phone.

Because I'm a stickler for style, I can change up my clock face if I need an excuse to get someone's undivided attention. I've discovered that there's nothing like a customizable clock face to make one look totally cool. When I'm not keeping tabs on my performance, I can link to my phone's GPS feature to retrieve "real-time" stats like the pace and distance I'm maintaining.

This Fitbit is so smart, I can retrieve the map detailing the route I took after my run so I can figure out where I made that wrong turn on the trail!

My Charge 2 Sleeps With Me

Can you see why it was so easy to fall into a conversation with Mum about my new device and why she assumed I was talking about a potential love match?

My new Fitbit Smart Tracking feature monitors select exercises I do most frequently, so even if I forget to record a workout, the device gives me credit anyway. And after the sun sets, it remains "on duty," keeping an eye on my sleep patterns.

The Auto Sleep feature tracks not just how many hours I sleep, but the quality of my shuteye, too, so I can figure out what I'm doing that's interfering with my rest. A clever app creates my customized sleep schedule, and I’m awakened by a silent vibrating alarm rather than a jarring buzz.

If I fail to apply due diligence to my wake/sleep schedule and get stressed out, I turn to the Charge 2's Guided Breathing Sessions to gather my wits about me.

These sessions are based on my heart rate and provide a calming influence, even on days I can’t seem to get it together.

How do I Break the News to my Mum that I’ve Fallen for the Fitbit Charge 2?

Features I Can't Live Without

It took very little time for me to become dependent upon many FitBit Charge 2 features. I depend upon the activity tracker that does more than measure and report on the number of calories I burn, floors I climb, steps I take and distance I cover: I get reminders about staying active in case my busy life consumes me.

For example, I'm prompted to take 250 steps every hour and and since the device’s memory stores 7 days of minute-by-minute data and 30 days' worth of daily totals, I don't have to fret if I forget to record any or all of my training data.

If you're like me, and you worry perpetually about the possibility of forgetting to recharge batteries that power your life, you're going to agree with me that the 5-days Fitbit Charge 2 battery life is like having an insurance policy minus the payment of a premium.

And of course, the device comes bundled with a charging cable and once it's powered up and ready to go, I can’t even use rain as an excuse to skip my run because the device is water-resistant, carrying on no matter how much rain and sweat to which it is subjected.

How do I Break the News to my Mum that I’ve Fallen for the Fitbit Charge 2?

Runner's Boon

  • I depend upon the activity tracker that reports on the number of calories I burn, floors I climb, steps I take and distance I cover.
  • Get reminders about staying active; for example, I'm prompted to take 250 steps every hour.
  • The device's memory stores 7 days of minute-by-minute data and 30 days’ worth of daily totals.
  • The battery doesn’t let me down; I love the 5-days battery life—it's like carrying an insurance policy!
  • The Charge 2 is water-resistant and repels rain and sweat.

Runner's Bane

  • If bells and whistles make you crazy, don't put this state-of-the-art tracker on your wish list!
  • Be prepared for the price tag attached to this updated device.
  • Anyone who finds a wrist device annoying or uncomfortable may wish to use another style of tracker.
  • Save your money if your phone won’t sync with aforementioned Windows, iPhone and Android platforms.

Our Fitbit Charge 2 Verdict

My Mum will be disappointed when I confide that I'm still searching for my soul mate, but disappointment is a word I’ll never use when referring to my FitBit Charge 2.

It syncs automatically and wirelessly to more than 200 Windows, iPhone and Android devices courtesy of Bluetooth 4.0. And the face display delivers sharp data in real time. I know I can expect a long and meaningful relationship as the two of us run into the sunset together.

I can’t conclude my review without mentioning the stylin' wristband fabricated of flexible elastic material that ensures a custom fit and sporty look. The surgical-grade stainless steel buckle is dashing and I like knowing that I can accessorize my Charge 2 with an array of extras that range from luxe leather to an impressive menu of wristband textures, colours and finishes.

I've concluded that this new FitBit product has a unique personality--and that's exactly what I have been seeking all along…in both a tracking device and in a woman!

As smart tracking devices get smarter, how often do you upgrade and replace yours? What do you do with your retired devices? Give them away? Collect them? Or do you donate them to those who aren’t as privileged as you are?

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