How The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 Women’s Shoes Help Me Find Balance

by On Sep 28, 2016

Can one pair of running shoes satisfy all of the roles I play in life as a woman? I set out to see if the NB Vazee Rush can do just that!

How The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 Women’s Shoes Help Me Find Balance

As a woman, I'm in a perpetual quandary. One minute, I want to be invincible and powerful. Later, I prefer to be seen as feminine, coy; wanting someone big and strong to take care of me. I won't bother to explain my inner vixen moods when I see myself as all black leather and lace.

What to do when I find myself overwhelmed by all of the roles I play during a 24-hour period? I run, of course. Whether it's my personal run time, a jog with gal pals or I'm eager to show what I'm made of by competing in a marathon, I always seek balance.

To do all of this properly, I need my family, friends and the right gear. When I say, the right gear, I mean running shoes that satisfy all of my personalities, and it's been a very long time since I found a style that does the job as well as my new NB Vazee Rush running shoes.

They're fast. They're cool. They're pink. They're black. And they're the epitome of hot. I need balance and New Balance, it seems, “rushed” in to deliver it big time!

How The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 Women’s Shoes Help Me Find Balance

The Shoes That Drive My Goals

I always strive to be at the top of my game so I set an example for my children, I couldn't do it if my feet hurt or felt abused because it's my nature to want comfort in all situations. So when I tried on the Vazee Rush v2 and was told that these shoes are "powered by Rapid Rebound cushioning," my ears pricked up.

I need speed and performance, and from the moment I slipped the shoes on my feet and experienced the 3-layer bootie-fit upper, I knew I was in for a different kind of run because I can get to customise the fit just by removing layers where I need protection and support the least.

Surprisingly, the ability to adjust the fit from inside the shoe gives me the kind of control I always wanted but never got, yet I'm treated to a lightweight, breathable shoe with flexible rubber outsole that matches a schedule that has me running in every direction.

How The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 Women’s Shoes Help Me Find Balance

The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 Features and Benefits

While I understand that there are slight variances in the Vazee Rush v2's drop at 6mm, it's not noticeable enough to impact my style, balance or performance. I like the fact that New Balance mentions this slight variance so purists don't complain about imperceptible differences in height as a result of the manufacturing process.

This 8.5-ounce running shoe has become my go-to training shoe and I outlast my former trail time thanks to the heavenly cushioning.

The tongue and collar are nicely padded and because synthetic fabrics are used to fabricate these shoes, I enjoy the benefits of no-sew material application and a REVlite midsole.

Leaving the best feature for last, I applaud the designers who came up with the idea of making a neutral running shoe of breathable mesh with supportive overlays and that removable insole for a custom fit every time!

Runner's Boon

  • I get a custom fit and all of the comfort I could ask for at a price I can afford: S$169.
  • The Vazee Rush v2 is made by a company that knows what women want and makes sure they get it.
  • New Balance spends its money on shoe development, not celebrity endorsements and I'm the winner.
  • This shoe never met an environment it didn't love: walk, run, hit the gym.

Runner's Bane

  • Because these were developed for the multi-purpose footwear niche, don't expect a ton of support.
  • If you seek what one runner calls a "mushy/cushy" or cloud-like experience, you could be disappointed.
  • The fit favours narrow feet; women with wider feet could require a larger size.
  • If you're not a fashionista, this colour mix of pink and black could be a turn off.

How The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 Women’s Shoes Help Me Find Balance


The multi-tasking, overly-scheduled but mostly optimistic woman in me couldn't be more delighted with these shoes. They go where I want to go and never look out of place, whether I'm training, at the gym or supermarket. My foot is slim so I got a perfect fit first time around, but if my feet swell because I'm on them too much, I can take out layers and voila! Perfect.

My friend bought hers because she wanted to push a few boundaries in a pair of pink and black running shoes and wound up wearing them to her job as a nurse. The colours delight her patients and she swears she still has energy at the end of day, even after finishing her long shifts.

From the practicality of forking out over S$169 for shoes that light up all aspects of my busy life to the brand name that always prioritises science and engineering over a fatter bottom line, New Balance literally hit the ball out of the park for me when the company introduced this shoe.

Am I training more now that these Rush v2 have taken up residence in my life? I try. I really do. If New Balance could just find a way to give me an extra few hours every day, I would thank them by boycotting all other brands for the rest of my life!

The New Balance Rush v2 is available at all New Balance experience stores, outlets and authorised retailers for S$169.

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