I Run Faster with Jaybird X3 Blasting My Favourite Jams

by On Jun 22, 2017

Jaybird X3 has transformed the way I listen to music while running.

Jaybird X3 Review

I still remember those days when I ran while listening to music with a traditional headphone that comes with long cables. I dealt with it by wrapping the cables around my iPhone so that they won’t distract me, and carrying iPhone in my hand while running.

I also remember one occasion when I wrapped the cables a little too tightly that my phone slipped off my palm as I swung my hands. Ouch. Fortunately, the phone was safe thanks to the flip case.

Now, my life has been so much better off in terms of convenience, ever since Jaybird X3 became my running buddy.

Jaybird X3 Review

I Have Freedom Overload

For a start, Jaybird X3 doesn’t require any cables to connect to my phone. It does so wirelessly, via Bluetooth. There are no more annoying cables from the headphone to the phone. The only cable left is the adjustable cable connecting both buds. Now I can swing my hands in any directions I want without worrying about being restricted by the cable.

Adjusting the cable length is pretty simple, you just need two cable management clips. Arrange the clips as shown below, put the headphone on to see if you feel comfortable with the length, and adjust accordingly. When you’re satisfied with the length, pull the clips to the end.

Jaybird X3 Review

The thing about Jaybird X3 is, it gives you the freedom to control so many aspects of it. For example, you can wear it with many ways: over-ear sport-fit, under-ear casual-fit or the traditional way with the cable dangling in front of the neck.

Jaybird X3 Review

Personally, when I’m listening to music while using my laptop, I wear Jaybird X3 the traditional way. When I’m running, I like the over-ear sport-fit on some days, and under-ear casual-fit on other days. Jaybird X3 truly gives me the flexibility to do things the way I want.

Jaybird X3 Review

I like that Jaybird X3 allows Multipoint connection, which means that I can connect it to my laptop and phone simultaneously. This way, when I’m listening to music on my laptop, I won’t miss out important calls or messages. And since Jaybird X3 comes with inline remote and microphone, I can answer any calls immediately by pressing the button and talking directly to the built-in microphone.

Jaybird X3 Review

The Share Me feature allows 2 pairs of X3 buds to connect to 1 device, thus I’m looking to get another Jaybird X3 for my husband too so that we can listen to the same songs while running together.

Weighing at just 14g, it is convenient to carry X3 around everywhere I go. Also, X3 is the first in X-series to be helmet compatible.

X3 uses a charging clip, instead of micro USB, to charge the battery in order to prevent sweat and dirt from accumulating in the USB port that often caused a headphone to fail.

Jaybird X3 Review

Customise to My Heart’s Content

All runners have different ear sizes and earbud material preferences. Some prefer silicone ear tips, and some prefer isolation foam ear tips. Jaybird X3 gives you BOTH silicone and isolation foam ear tips, with 3 different sizes each (S, M and L). In addition, there are also ear fins with 3 different sizes to ensure secure fit.

Jaybird X3 Review

If you’re a control freak, rejoice! Because you can control the sound setting of Jaybird X3 visa MySound app, available on iOS and Android phones. In addition to the default presets in the app, you can create your own customised EQ settings according to your preference. Your personalised presets are saved on the X3 buds.

Jaybird X3 Review

Runner’s Boon:

  • Worn correctly, Jaybird X3 fits securely and doesn’t fall out during workouts.
  • Jaybird X3 is sweat-proof. Do all the heavy workouts and long runs you want, the headphone stays durable. At the end of the workout, the buds remain odourless.
  • There is a high degree of user’s customisation, such as methods of wearing, earbud material, earbud size, simultaneous connection to 2 devices, and even customised sound profile settings in MySound app.
  • A fully charged X3 lasts for 8 hours, so you’ll get almost a week of usage with a single charge.
  • Jaybird X3 can connect to smartwatches too, making it perfect for runs with audio coaching. It also means that you can leave your phone at home if your smartwatch can store music.
  • The buds, charging clip and cable, various sizes of ear-buds and ear-fins, cable management clips, all fit nicely inside the pouch, making it easy to be carried around everywhere.

Runner’s Bane:

  • I spent a lot of time trying to find the right size of ear-bud and ear-fin.
  • It takes some time to learn how to correctly set up the X3, such as the fin installation (over-ear fit and under-ear fit has different fin arrangement), and cable management with the clips. The manual in the box provides a clear explanation regarding setting up.
  • Due to the noise cancellation nature of the headphone, runners need to be extra cautious when running, especially at road junctions and parks where bicycles and scooters are roaming around.


Jaybird X3 is a solid workout companion for runners and fitness enthusiasts, with its secure sport fit for the toughest workout, supreme sound quality courtesy of the enhanced 6mm driver, customisable sound settings, long battery life, and sweat-proof technology made possible by hydrophobic nano coating.

I enjoy running with X3 because of the way it pumps me up and makes me run fast.

Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones are available at selected resellers at a retail price of S$215.

Eva is a casual runner who has been hooked on marathons since her first race in 2011. She’s content to spend her weekends only on running. She is also a hiking enthusiast and traveling addict. When she’s not doing outdoor activities, she indulges in reading.

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