K-Swiss Kwicky Blade- Light Neutral: The Answer to a Jolly Fast & Dry Ride

by On Dec 10, 2012
K-Swiss Kwicky Blade- Light Neutral: The Answer to a Jolly Fast & Dry Ride

Harnessing the K-Swiss Blade-Light Technology, the Kwicky Blade Light offers neutral footed midfoot strikers an excellent lightweight option both for comfortable training, as well as high performance racing.

The Blade-Light Technology serves duo purposes for different types of runs that everyone does at some point in our hectic running calendar. The blades that are run from the mid foot to the forefoot area give one a great cushioned ride for slow runs. For faster rides, the blade firms up, contracts and expands as you pick up the pace.

K-Swiss Kwicky Blade- Light Neutral: The Answer to a Jolly Fast & Dry Ride

These blades promote a great deal of flexibility in your runs. While there is a great deal of flexibility, the new edition of the Kwicky also offers a stability enhancement. The flexibility is also supported by the Seamfree technology. You can simply slip these running elves on without socks, and enjoy running naturally, however your feet take you. The absence of seams also means greater durability and will spend a substantial amount of time with you in your running stint.

First Impressions and Tests

To be frank, this is my first encounter with K-Swiss. It has never come across as a choice brand in my past running decade and I rarely ventured with brands which people didn’t talk much about.

I am a great cynic when it comes to running shoe technology, so I actually did a fair bit of research about K-Swiss’ shoe technology before I put the shoes to the test. It is one thing for a company to tickle me with big colourful posters that billboards fanciful techno-terminologies, it is totally another to deliver the real deal and results.

There’s quite a bit of innovative technology packed in the Kwicky Blade-Light. One of the technologies which I put a heavy and demanding test to was the ion-mask™ hydro-phobic technology. I ran tap water onto the shoe and the shoe literally glides running water off itself. This is pretty impressive since the shoes exuded high breathability with the numerous air holes. It was great and like watching a magic show.

Having tested the upper part, I went on to run water into the shoe. And true enough, the drain system saw the fluids way out through the blades as well as drain holes built at the midsole. K-Swiss has definitely delivered in this area knowing that it is strongly associated with Ironman and triathlon races.

First Go!

I took this pair on a 9KM run which consisted of pavement, road and gravel.
The first test was pavement. It was an extremely smooth ride as the Guideglide feature maneuvered my feet nicely for a forward motion. I picked up speed effortlessly over a short span. There was something which I was not very used to and slightly uncomfortable with. I am used to feeling ground feedback while running, and the Kwicky does way too well to absorb that. The midsole foam also offers soft and springy cushioning.

Soon I hit the roads and gravel; the experience felt pretty much the same. The Superfoam heel crash pad and footbed offers great protection and relaxation for the occasional harsh terrain. So even though it feels light, it doesn’t bail out on you in terms of support and protection. It definitely helped me gain confidence with these shoes to go full cruise in speed.

The Kwicky is also well-padded near the ankles to give comfort and also resist injury.
Through the whole run, the Kwicky felt like it wasn’t there at all. It definitely did not impose on or strain the running experience.

K-Swiss Kwicky Blade- Light Neutral: The Answer to a Jolly Fast & Dry Ride

Distance Handling

Used by American 50K record holder Josh Cox, the Kwicky is one that promotes stable rides through long distances. One can run efficiently with this pair in the long haul, knowing that the blades do in fact make marathons a light travel.

I took the shoe to a steady run over 21K and the journey felt smooth and light regardless of the distance. The shoes are engineered to make your foot get in line from the midfoot to the forefoot, so the taunt of the distance is not a problem because it just promotes running economy. When you run right, you will feel right. And vice-versa.

Over the long distance, the shoes continued to give one a cool ride. This is notable because most water-resistant shoes which I know of can trap heat after a long journey. So I especially like this aspect of the shoe.

Cross Sports Potential

With fantastic stability and essential padding around the ankles, I brought it to the gym for some serious exercise. Through the Kwicky’s stable build, I could attempt squats and weight lifts with great balance. The blades were slightly worn after some serious prowler sprints on rough pavements. But I am glad the shoes got me through what got me almost half –dead regime.

In conclusion, they are a great pair of shoes for anyone who wants to take their performance and experience to the next level. A choice buy for triathletes especially and definitely great for runners who want to stay dry after messy wet hydration stations.

Runner's Boon

  • Amazing water resistant and draining features
  • Really high breathability for a water resistant shoe
  • Great stability
  • Guideglide tech that gives an extremely smooth ride
  • Seamless Upper that give the feet a natural ride
  • Brilliant protection to the footbed and heel

Runner's Bane

  • Slightly pricey
  • For some, the kryptonite-green of the shoe may turn runners off. Well at least to Superman!

K-Swiss Kwicky Blade- Light Neutral: The Answer to a Jolly Fast & Dry Ride

Where to find them?

The K-Swiss Kwicky Blade-Light Neutral is retailing at $209, and is available at the Funan DigitaLife Mall Running Lab outlet.

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