Lizzy Hawker Runner: A Truly Inspirational Story

by On Jun 26, 2018

A book that will make you not want to read another book about running ever again.

Runner: A Truly Inspirational Story

I’m not a fan of reading a book nor do I dislike it, but after reading Lizzy Hawker’s book, Runner, without me realising I was already sort of got “addicted” to it. Strangely, it makes me want to keep reading about her running journey and curious about what she had to go through to get to the finish line. Reading Lizzy Hawker’s Runner really makes me feel inspired and to never put the give up attitude as an option.

Reading her story, it shows her most intimate thoughts; her pain, her joy and the challenges that she faced. She wrote the book with such emotions that it makes you feel as though you are running with her.

Runner: A Truly Inspirational Story

Photo Credit: Lizzy Hawker

About Lizzy Hawker

Lizzy Hawker is a British long-distance runner that held the world record for 24-hour road running and also a former world champion at 100km. She is the legend of the trail and ultra running community, she has set records from Everest to Kathmandu, finished as the first lady at the Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc five times.

Runner: A Truly Inspirational Story

Photo Credit: Lizzy Hawker

Runner: A short story about a long run

The story begins with Lizzy’s youth, understanding her passion for the mountains and how her obsession for the outdoors becomes an Ultra Running career. In the first few chapters, we get glimpses of Lizzy’s first Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc; from her preparation for the race and to how she feels about the race.

At first, Lizzy was wondering and contemplating if she could finish the race with all the wrong gears that she brought. Even with all the wrong gears that she has brought with her, it didn’t stop her from running. Lizzy isn’t the kind of person that talks about achievements but focuses more on the experience itself. While she was talking about her running journey, there were points where you could feel the surprise in her own performance.

What I love about this book is that it tells a story about an underdog who won one of the biggest races in the world. Well, it is hard not to root for an underdog compared to someone who is already a champion, isn’t it?

Runner: A Truly Inspirational Story

Photo Credit: Lizzy Hawker

Her running journey

In her running journey, it gives you a unique view into some of the best Ultra Trail races in the world, from France, to Switzerland, USA and even Nepal. People who ran for Ultra usually test themselves, to see where is their limit, pushing past their comfort zones. Runner gives you an insight of what it Ultra Trail feels like and it also shares a steady progression of Lizzy, until she finds her true purpose, running in Nepal and Everest.

After trekking to Everest Base Camp, Lizzy returns back to Kathmandu not by a motorized transport, but with her own two feet. Amazing isn't it? Many would have probably opt to go back on a motorized transport instead (including myself).

In Runner, we get to read and feel the true pain of the sport. Though Lizzy suffered numerous fractures and went through a dark patch, it didn't stop her from continuing. She has such a high endurance and she is definitely an inspirational person.


This book is worth the read. It is well-written and takes you on a journey of hardship, achievement, friendship and a truly amazing scenery. It will make you feel different kind of feelings throughout her running journey.

One of my favourite quotes in Runner would be,

"The finish line. The end of something. You are where your journey has taken you. An end begins what a beginning ends."

Have you read Runner? What do you think about the book? This book is retailing at US$12.81 on Amazon.

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