Lorna Jane Apparel: Authentic and Stylish Women’s Activewear

by On Jun 9, 2015
Lorna Jane Apparel: Authentic and Stylish Women's Activewear

Evelyn Li jokingly tells her running club members that she was such an active baby, her mum had a premonition that she would give birth to a female runner! She meant what she said and named her daughter after American champion Evelyn Ashford, the legendary star who qualified for every U.S. Olympic team (and took gold four times) between 1976 and 1994. Evelyn grew up to honour her name, but these days, the fashionable Singapore runner has become enamoured with another name: Lorna Jane. This talented Aussie sportswear designer has set the world ablaze with her cutting edge togs, and we are impressed enough with three new designs from her collection to review them.


Lorna Jane Clarkson has built an authentic, inventive and inspirational active wear reputation on a foundation of promises: trendy designs, high-tech fabrication and construction that holds up to rigorous workouts. Lorna Jane is convinced that women "can have and do it all", and she wants to make sure that when they fulfil that commitment, her separates serve as equal partners. Lorna Jane's clothing is sexy, stylish, sporty and so popular, legions of Singapore runners follow her religiously.

Lorna Jane Apparel: Authentic and Stylish Women's Activewear

The Designs

Given the sheer number of contemporary separates Lorna Jane has added to her collection of late, we've selected three representative items to profile and review: Her "Seriously Active" long sleeve top, figure-flattering Catch Me 7/8 tights and Maiya sports bra. Each delivers comfort, performance and style in a way only Lorna Jane garments can do.


When one's goal is to become a household name that's synonymous with an active lifestyle, that job can't be left to others, which is why Clarkson does her own textile sourcing, approves every sketch personally, oversees fabrication and submits each garment to rigorous testing so everything featuring her label lives up to the company's mission and standards. Easy-care fabrics are critical to the brand's reputation since active women won't buy garments that can't be washed—on that note, check out their sports garment care guide for some handy tips!

Lorna Jane Apparel: Authentic and Stylish Women's Activewear

Where to Buy

It's extremely important to try on Lorna Jane separates the first time you make a buying decision because fit is everything—unless you don't mind playing shipping tag with a website. We recommend this store for your first purchase: 238 Thomson Road/Velocity @ Novena Square #03-59 Singapore 307683.

The Top

Lorna Jane's "Seriously Active" long sleeve shirt delivers a message that represents her lifestyle, but it's the soft green color and relaxed neckline that deliver more than just a personal statement!

Runner's Boon

  • Seriously Active's social statement attracts young women who want the world to see their commitment.
  • The top is ideal for layering so it has no seasonal limitations.

Runner's Bane

  • The Seriously Active top could turn off purchasers who have an aversion to all shades of green.
  • This top appeals exclusively to a younger market; older runners aren't as enthused about wearing "messages" on their clothing.

The Tights

Zesty styling and bold contrast make this hot pink and black 7/8 tight a must have for women who are as particular about their image when they exercise as they are about their running times.

Runner's Boon

  • LJ tights are probably the only leggings one should wear to run if you are conscious about how your legs and behind look if you have a few extra bits.
  • So far it's superior to other 7/8 leggings on the market, I'm happy to pay more to 'invest' in a pair.

Runner's Bane

  • Because the fabric feels thicker than traditional tights, this can dissuade runners who prefer lighter tights, especially when Singapore's heat and humidity sink in.
  • Some may never buy colour combinations despite the quality of these tights because you can't mix and match them with other garments on a limited budget. Further, Lorna Jane tights are not cheap.

The Bra

Given the wealth of sports bras on the market, this moisture-wicking bra made from LJ Excel Classic fabric is popular because it has removable padding, contrast-adjustable straps and it's shrink-and fade-resistant.

Runner's Boon

  • Cutting-edge design and the ability to adjust the bra in the back via the straps to customise the fit are most often mentioned by women considering purchasing the Lorna Jane Maiya bra.
  • Designed for high-impact workouts, wearers can take the most strenuous ultra in stride by adding this bra to their sports lingerie collections.

Runner's Bane

  • Limited colour availability means your wardrobe had better include enough essentials in this colour palette to allow you to put together an ensemble that doesn't clash.
  • This is no cheap purchase for women who live on a shoestring budget.

Lorna Jane Apparel: Authentic and Stylish Women's Activewear

There's no denying that Lorna Jane active wear is popular with Singaporean female runners, but we're curious about how you feel about tackling three garments in one review. Are brief descriptions enough to interest you in making a decision to try on or purchase one or more, or do you prefer a review that focuses on only one garment in the interest of making a more informed decision?

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