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Lorna Jane Apparel: Authentic and Stylish Women's Activewear

Lorna Jane Apparel: Authentic and Stylish Women’s Activewear

Evelyn Li jokingly tells her running club members that she was such an active baby, her mum had a premonition that she would give birth to a female runner! She meant what she said and named her daughter after American champion Evelyn Ashford, the legendary star who qualified for every U.S. Olympic team (and took gold four times) between 1976 and 1994. Evelyn grew up to honour her name, but these days, the fashionable Singapore runner has become enamoured with another name: Lorna Jane. This talented Aussie sportswear designer has set the world ablaze with her cutting edge togs, and we are impressed enough with three new designs from her collection to review them.