LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat Earphones: Your Wallet Will Thank You for Choosing Them

by On Jul 16, 2015
Your Wallet Will Thank You for Choosing LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat Earphones

They're tiny but they're mighty—as least that's what I thought when I first glimpsed Korea's latest gift to runners like me who would never put on a pair of running shoes and leave the house if I didn't have the diversion of music to keep me going! I know what you're thinking: I'm lazy and you're not. But 'fess up: if energetic tunes aren't filling your head when you undertake your daily dose of fitness – or if, heaven forbid, you had to miss a phone call – would you really be as enthusiastic about undertaking your daily fitness routine? Thought not. Which is why new earphones should be at the top of your shopping list.

Your Wallet Will Thank You for Choosing LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat Earphones

Features and Benefits

It's hard for me to believe that the technology has gotten so sophisticated since my first pair of earbuds, but since I'm a techno-dummy, you can't take my word for the progress this niche has made. The LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat earphones are surprisingly packed with features and benefits that justify buying them, even if you already own earphones that suit you just fine. First, you can kiss those awkward cables goodbye—mine never stopped tangling—because this Bluetooth-enabled product sets you up without the frustration of being tethered. And you can charge your LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat earphones in a flash using the ingenious USB charging clip in concert with your laptop or other power bank, and then do a happy dance during five hours of continuous play time. Some marketers swear this product offers a standby charge of 150 hours—others insist that number is 200 hours before total loss of juice! If you're constantly on the run, two hours of charge time may be your favourite feature of all.

Just for Techies

Personally, I'm more interested in the quality of the music and long length of power available to me when I put on my ear buds and head out for a run, but perhaps you're the type who's fascinated by technical specifications, so we've got your numbers and symbols: The LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat earphones are powered by a Li-°©‐polymer rechargeable battery that promises an operating distance of 10 metres. And while we haven't a clue what this means, you can anticipate this audio streaming format: SBC, apt-°©‐X. Who knew? The aforementioned Bluetooth capacity fits these profiles: HSP v1.2, HFP v1.6, A2DP v1.2 and AVRCP v1.4, so if this mélange of tech data turns you on, you may already be planning your shopping trip. Here's the feature that may seal the deal for you if you love to chat: You can talk up to 5.5 hours nonstop thanks to the connection magic built into this Bluetooth-enhanced product.

Your Wallet Will Thank You for Choosing LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat Earphones

Runner's Boon

  • Even if you're on a budget, LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat earphones deliver more bang for your buck at S$99 retail in Singapore.
  • Korean craftsmanship at its finest—everything from stabile ear cushions that won't fall out while you engage in strenuous pursuits to the three-button remote control for easy call- and music-shuffling are solid. No matter how your ears are configured, there are three sizes of tips included in the package, one of which will fit you.
  • Choose the lively red/black color combo; your earphones won't be confused with those of other people who have no imaginations and the matching red and black zippered case holds and cushions your buds when you're not active, keeping them clean and pristine.

Runner's Bane

  • If you're a brand snob and must wear earphones that bear the logo of some hip-hop media mogul or rap star, LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat Earphones aren't for you! They're not generic, but you're also not paying a royalty to some dude who has much more money than you do.
  • These are so new, it's almost impossible to compare features to the top headset and earbud best sellers currently on the market, so the jury is out until this Korean-made product gets more exposure.
  • Availability could be problematic if you insist upon purchasing from a bricks and mortar store due to the newness of the product as well, but your best retail bet in Singapore is either Newstead or Epicentre.

Your Wallet Will Thank You for Choosing LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat Earphones


Admit it: Your earphones are an indispensable part of your exercise gear and without them, you'd be bereft and aimless. No judgments here—they are indispensable, at least as far as I'm concerned. LOTS LTB-2000 Up-beat earphones deserve your attention because they're affordable, practical, useful and beautifully engineered, which begs this question: If earphones didn't exist, what would you do while undertaking your daily fitness regimen? Sadly, I'd have to resort to singing. How about you?

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