Meet Your Skin’s New Best Friend: Trislide Anti-Chafe Lubricant Spray

by On Jul 22, 2015
Meet Your Skin's New Best Friend: Trislide Anti-Chafe Lubricant Spray

If you're like me – susceptible to every annoying skin issue on the planet, or if you are diabetic and must be ultra-careful about your skin – you must read this. No matter which athletic pursuit you prefer, if you risk skin breaks and other potentially painful problems that can short circuit your workout, you've probably been on a long search for a lubricant that works. Time to try a 4-ounce container of Trislide Anti-Chafe Lubricant Spray—the protective product sports enthusiasts from all walks of life have begun to call, “My Little Miracle”.

The Overview

Trislide has so many features and benefits, you might swear your mum recommended it. This no ordinary anti-blister, anti-chafe and anti-friction lubricant: it sprays on fast and the aerosol propellant dispensing the solution is environmentally friendly. You get relief. So does Mother Earth. Just about every athlete on the planet could find a use for this spray, so whatever activity you're passionate about could be helped simply by spraying on this preventative agent. It's readily available throughout Singapore, so no need to search the Internet if you need it fast. Find your nearest store here.

Meet Your Skin's New Best Friend: Trislide Anti-Chafe Lubricant Spray

Who Benefits?

Trislide has been used and tested by athletes in the following athletic categories:

  • Cyclists apply the spray to avoid chamois chafing problems that can distract them and impact timing
  • Runners rave about short-circuiting pain reduction before hot spots and blisters pop up
  • Triathletes, divers and surfers apply it beneath neoprene wet suits so they slide out of them easily
  • Horseback riders dodge saddle sores by applying Trislide before they ride
  • Body builders sidestep repeated thigh, chest, underarm and neck chafing by rubbing it on before they lift
  • Name another sport that triggers blisters, chafing and friction and Trislide can help!

Why Choose Trislide over Competitors?

Using an environmentally-friendly product just makes sense, so feel free to brag about it to athletes in your circle who aren't as responsible as you are. Unlike formulations thrown together with little regard for the environment, Trislide doesn't include harmful chemicals used by some manufacturers in the interest of saving money. Because demand is great for anti-chafe products, many inferior products are on the market these days. They save a few dollars, but are relatively ineffective and could even be harmful. Trislide is formulated to stay safe from contamination, so no worries about infrequent use or sharing your spray with others.

Meet Your Skin's New Best Friend: Trislide Anti-Chafe Lubricant Spray

Runner's Boon

  • Aside from the aforementioned benefits to the Earth, Trislide earns rave reviews from athletes who are sick and tired of having messy hands and perpetually squishy, wet skin. This spray leaves no residue. Further, you can wash it off – and since it's fragrance-free, the potential for allergic reactions is practically zero.
  • Chafe-, friction- and blister-fighting benefits can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including active kids, seniors with fragile skin and everyone in-between, including diabetics who are prone to skin injuries. Athletes who formerly used Sport Shield and Body Glide have become converts and enthusiastic brand supporters.
  • Ingredients are non-toxic, yet they produce protection that repeatedly surpasses that of petroleum- or vegetable-based salves, sprays and lotions. Forget clothing stains – a blessing for athletes on budgets who can't keep replacing workout clothing because stains make them too unsightly to wear in public.

Runner's Bane

  • Manufacturers of Trislide make no apologies for the price tag, but if your budget is tight and S$21.90 for a 4-ounce spray doesn't sit well with you, this might not be a sensible buying decision for you right now.
  • At just 4-ounces, Trislide won't last long if you use it frequently. For athletes involved in water sports who lavish themselves in lubricant to get out of wetsuits fast, a 4-ounce container may not last very long!


Athletes willing to pay a premium to avoid blisters, chafing and friction won't think twice about buying Trislide, particularly if they've tried other formulations that didn't do a thing for their skin! On the other hand, if you mistakenly use the product after developing chafing and blisters, you'll have defeated the purpose of Trislide since it's made to prevent skin problems, not heal. We talked with someone who advised us to choose spraying venues carefully. She accidentally sprayed her floor, slipped and nearly fell! Have you got something to add? Let us hear from you!

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