The Road glove 2 is designed to connect your feet to the pavement for a natural gait. It has a 0mm-drop midsole enhanced with a protective toe cap and midsole cushion for true barefoot running form for both short and long runs. Its Upper unit is a low cut unit made up of mesh lining treated with the Aegis® antimicrobial solution and reflective details for increased visibility in low light. The Sole and Outsole unit is made up of the Vibram Road Glove 2 Sole TC1 Rubber, with a 0mm Drop, 4mm Cushion and 9.5mm Stack Height. This lightweight shoe weighs only an impressive 200 grams per side. It brings barefoot and lightweight shoe to a whole new level.

First Impression

Talking about love at first sight, the aesthetics of Merrell Road Glove 2 caught my attention right away considering that I have never really gone for minimalist shoes. It’s just way better looking than the first version. As I picked up the Road Glove 2, the immediate sense of lightness could be felt. I was really eager to give it a try.

First Go!

I started out easy, going for a short run on normal road, afraid of being too hard on my legs. At first, I started off slow as I was not used to the barefoot running form. After getting the hang of it, I picked up the pace and completed about 5km on the first run. The fit and flatness of the shoes allows plenty of room for your toes. Initially, I thought the flat soles would not give enough grip, but I was wrong, the grip was surprisingly good. As I observed the soles, I realized that the flatter tread adds to the ground feel. Brilliant! The upper unit is soft enough and going a few kilometers sockless may be possible for some of you. The lightweight made running easier too.

Giving the Road Glove 2 a go on the tracks was comfortable and I was able to run about 10km without feeling much discomfort except for some blisters around the toe area. Being ambitious, I brought it out for a run in the trails. Due to the 0mm drop and the design of the sole is to mimic barefoot running, it wasn’t the best idea for the rocky surfaces.

Runner’s Boon

  • Lightweight
  • Fits comfortably
  • Attractive look
  • Affordable
  • 0mm drop

Runner’s Bane

  • Laces come off easily, need to tie double knot

All in all the Merrell Road Glove 2 is incredibly comfortable and lightweight, they are easy to fit into my shoe rotation without much of a break in period. I will definitely continue to go for my casual runs in this shoe.

This is a great pair if you’re considering to run minimalist. However, minimalist running is not something you can just dive into, starting slow is key to preventing unnecessary injuries

Royston Lim

I love running and cycling. I started running regularly in 2010 and have since completed 5 full marathons and numerous half marathons and other races. I'm looking forward to complete my first Triathlon and ultra marathon. In the near future, I'd love to gain different race experiences as I travel to take part in races all around the world.

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