Not Maintaining Your Pace? Maybe the New Balance Vazee Pace v2 Running Shoe Can Help

by On Oct 14, 2016

When two publications I respect commended the New Balance Vazee Pace v2 running shoe, I had to find out whether these editor’s kudos were on the mark or just hype.

Not Maintaining Your Pace? Maybe the New Balance Vazee Pace v2 Running Shoe Can Help

I was up late one night, surf-shopping for shoes, when I happened upon an article in "Competitor Magazine" announcing that the publication had awarded its "Editor's Choice" pick for August 2016 to New Balance Vazee Pace v2 running shoes.

Did that get my attention? You bet. I respect a shoe that earns praise from editors who probably see hundreds of new footwear introductions every month. Then, along comes a "Runner's World" review of the same product. Holy training shoe! "Runner's World" handed the Vazee Pace v2 "Best Debut" honours.

One authority is good. Two authorities are great. Why give these honours credence? Because like most runners, I want to be recognised every time I engage in a healthy competition against runners who are as eager as I am to cross that finish line first.

So, in the spirit of these reviews, I received a pair of Vazee Pace v2 running shoes and even said yes to pink and black, a colour combination I wouldn't have worn years ago when I didn't have the confidence that running has instilled in me over time.

The Vazee Pace v2 Features

The New Balance Pace v2 story begins with a prestigious pedigree: Few runners I have encountered have negative things to say about the brand. This New Balance shoe is manufactured for both style and speed, featuring woven mesh overlays that do double duty as attractive embellishments while providing a comfortable fit.

I like the blown rubber that helps repel everything I manage to pick up on the trail — and the bootie construction and no-sew applications fused to the shoe as well.

The REVlite midsole foam is, in my opinion, the shoe's most attractive feature because cushioning is my first priority when I undertake multi-mile training runs.

The 6mm heel height and sole firmness act like self-propulsion rockets, so my takeoffs are frequently as powerful as my finishes, and I don't have to tell you how important a few seconds can be when time is precious.

Not Maintaining Your Pace? Maybe the New Balance Vazee Pace v2 Running Shoe Can Help

The Vazee Pace v2 Benefits

I'm not sure how you feel about the prices of today's top-of-the-line running shoes, but as someone who doesn't spend frivolously, I found the S$169 price tag associated with my Pace v2s to be reasonable, and for someone like me — who wears a shoe size that can be the object of my running buddy's jokes — availability of this shoe in sizes 6 to 15 shows that New Balance is aware of the fact that not every guy wears a size 10.

I was struck by the outsole signature pods; these big chunks of rubber remind me of tyres: deep grooves repel trail dirt and yet the shoe is as flexible as can be. I found the shoe's internal heel area to be snug, yet my size 13 toes have no complaints in the splay department.

They're light. They're attention-getting (could be the colour). And I could swear that my stride was infused with extra energy the first time I ran in them. By the way, I always wear socks, but if you like to run without them on occasion, the irritation-free interior material makes that possible.

Not Maintaining Your Pace? Maybe the New Balance Vazee Pace v2 Running Shoe Can Help

Runner's Boon

  • The Vazee Pace v2 offers a high arch, strong toe upturn and REVlite midsole so I get a good recovery bounce with every footfall.
  • Expect a near-perfect balance of cushioning and weight that delivers on comfort whether I go long or fast.
  • My sweaty feet are delighted to announce that this shoe's open mesh material contributes greatly to keeping them as dry as possible, even during extended conditioning runs.
  • This shoe is light to the point it puts other running shoes claiming to be light to shame!
  • If affordability and a respected brand name are priorities for you, the Vazee Pace v2 could seal the deal.

Runner's Bane

  • According to one guy who returned his Vazee Pace v2 shoes, the upper started to come apart after just a few months. After doing a little investigating on my own, it turns out, I didn't have the issue.
  • Sizing requires trying these shoes on, because when I slipped on my usual size, they were too tight. Wearers buying their usual size experienced bunching on the medial side, as well.
  • Runners whose priority is support may not find the Vazee Pace v2 to be the ideal match.
  • There have been contradictory reports about the toe box. Some say it's perfect. Others complain it's too narrow. Try them on before you buy to make sure you don't fit into the latter category.
  • If thinking pink challenges your male sensibilities, you may want to wait until other colour palettes are available before you open your wallet.

Not Maintaining Your Pace? Maybe the New Balance Vazee Pace v2 Running Shoe Can Help


I tried hard not to let the fact that the New Balance Vazee Pace v2 was reviewed so favourably by a couple of my regular reads and think I was able to remain impartial for the duration of the shoe's break-in period. I found this pair of running shoes to meet and surpass my expectations.

These lightweight shoes keep my usually sweaty feet feeling downright comfortable, even on long runs, and once I grew used to occasional stares received when runners glimpse my pink and black kicks, I realised I enjoyed the attention.

I even told my wife that I was wearing the colours in her honour and since she runs too, I wasn't surprised when she bought a pair of women's New balance Vazee Pace v2 shoes for herself. They're not pink and black but we do make quite a cute pair when we train together!

Where does affordability rank in your buying decision when you shop for new running shoes? Is price a deal breaker or just a fact of life for you?

As someone who adores technology and sports, Xu Ding started running the same time he started writing codes. He realised that running is a good sport to clear his thoughts whenever he hit the wall during programming. He believes that running is just like coding, it never gets easier, you just get better.

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