On Cloud Nine With The Cloudracer

by On Jun 13, 2012
On Cloud Nine With The Cloudracer

The Swiss is well known for quality and precision. With meticulous attention to detail, these shoes have been designed where form meets function. These shoes have not fallen short of any expectations and will change your entire running experience. At the very least, they changed mine.

On Cloud Nine With The Cloudracer

First Impressions

The moment I opened the shoebox, I was raring to take the shoes out for a run. The design was simple and clean but the orange accents made it extremely eye catching. The shoes are light and look like one of those “no – frills, made for running” kind of shoes.

Upper Unit

The ultra light air – mesh upper was extremely breathable and cooling. I took the shoes out for different runs and even tried running without socks. They were comfortable and had no heat spots. The super light perforated tongue was smooth on the skin and provided comfort without sacrificing breathability. The heel strap might be a minor detail but it makes wearing the shoe much easier, I can see these shoes becoming a favourite in the multisport field.

Sole Unit

The sole uses On’s Minimalistic CloudTec™ system to provide 3D cushioning. I was extremely impressed with the cushioning of the shoes. It does feel like running on clouds. The small heel height is perfect for forefoot running.


The outsole is part of the On Cloudracer’s superb cushioning system. The hollow pods are designed to absorb horizontal and vertical forces. These give the runner the soft landing comparable to running on sad. At the same time, these pods return to shape and the responsiveness is as efficient as running on the track.

On Cloud Nine With The Cloudracer


I took the shoes on different runs – intervals, tempo, long distance runs – and it felt good all the time. They are slightly heavier than my usual racers but I think sacrificing weight for the added cushioning might make some sense.

These shoes feel slightly different from your usual running shoes. On my first run, I could feel my soles working slightly harder but it seems to have improved my running form and overall performance.

Overall, I think the price tag might scare off many but eventually, I believe the quality of the shoes will convince the serious enthusiasts. These shoes will challenge the current household names.

I am on cloud nine to be running in a Cloudracer.

Runner's Boon

  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable with great cushioning
  • Simple and nice design

Runner’s Bane

  • The upper unit feels a little “plasticky”
  • Not exactly minimalist as you do not really “feel” the ground on your soles

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