Feel Ultra Cool with The Under Armour Men’s Collection

by On Apr 4, 2016

Under Armour's CoolSwitch technology blends three unique active cooling agents, integrated for the first time ever in an apparel application. Each of these ingredients delivers a specific benefit over the course of a workout to give rise to Under Armour's unprecedented active cooling capability.

One-Stop Spring Shopping: The Under Armour Men's Collection

It's a common stereotype: men who take up athletic endeavours don't give a whit about whether the garments and shoes in their closet match up and coordinate with each other. Truth is, today's avid athlete loves style as much as function, so when it comes to putting together a great look for a run or the gym this spring, they're prepared to turn heads.

It helps to be enamoured of a sporting goods manufacturer like Under Armour because the designers and product developers working for this company have already figured out the importance of a coordinated look, which is exactly why we decided to put this entire Under Armour collection under a microscope. But this article isn't only for fashion-conscious guys. It's for anyone who wants to run cool, too.

The UA CoolSwitch Running Top

If you've got a good physique, hiding your sexy torso may be the last thing you want to do, but let's say you're Greek-God gorgeous but you've no wish to run shirtless. You need a stylish shirt; specifically, a next-to-skin, fitted UA CoolSwitch running tee that doesn't hide a ripple of your great physique.

Don this great tee and face the most daunting temperatures, yet thanks to the fabric with heat-resisting properties, you actually feel cool and therefore, you may even be able to run longer and faster, even when Singapore temperatures can only be described as sultry.

There's ventilation in the back and under the arms and the material's 4-way stretch moves with you as you sprint comfortably across your favourite terrain without offending anyone you meet because the shirt's moisture trapping system not only wicks perspiration but thanks to anti-odor properties, no odor-causing microbes are likely to assault you.

Under Armour added reflective logos to the shirt to keep you safe while running at night. Sound perfect enough to buy? Retailing at S$69, here's a final benefit: this shirt washes and dries so fast, your pulse rate might not be back to its original numbers by the time you're ready to put it on to go out again.

One-Stop Spring Shopping: The Under Armour Men's Collection

Runner's Boon

  • Wearers love the CoolSwitch system. I articulated the sentiment many others share when I said that nobody likes returning from a run and smelling like a men's locker room!

Runner's Bane

  • For runners who take issue with polyester fabric because in their minds, nothing equals cotton for fit and comfort, this shirt might not be a great gift idea despite its virtues.

The UA Launch 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Not to be shown up by the aforementioned shirt, Armour UA Launch 2-in-1 shorts are equally as functional and good looking. They fit like a glove thanks to stretch-woven fabric, mesh side panels cool your torso and there's so much stretch in these running shorts, you may actually feel that you've got greater mobility no matter how much you twist and turn.

The 2-in-1 designation refers to the built-in, base layer, HeatGear-fitted interior shorts, but it's anybody's guess whether this second layer warrants the S$79 price tag.

Under Armour claims that these shorts help the body add power to any athletic endeavour and the moisture transport system makes quick work of the heaviest sweat, repelling moisture and thwarting odor-causing bacteria. Like the CoolSwitch shirt, these shorts are trimmed with logo reflectors for night running and inseams hold tight, no matter how many Ultras you decide to run.

One-Stop Spring Shopping: The Under Armour Men's Collection

Runner's Boon

  • On average, a large percentage of runners purchasing these 2-in-1 shorts complimented the fit, saying they are particularly comfortable for men with fit athletic frames.

Runner's Bane

  • Use your imagination. If you dislike the colour grey, you're totally out of luck.

The UA SpeedForm® Apollo 2 Running Shoes

Under Armour's proprietary SpeedForm technology is 8 ounces of running joy, so if you already love the brand, the UA SpeedForm Apollo 2 could easily reduce you to a quivering mass of bliss. The foam-infused heel performs both lock-down and comfort tasks, welded seaming won't irritate your skin, the perforated upper with ultrasonic seal adds breathability and the arch responds positively to the precise fit. Flexing is a breeze thanks to the proprietary anatomical rubber outsole and these running shoes are as durable as they come.

For runners who perpetually complain about sock liners that don't deliver on marketing promises of wicking moisture and comfortable cushioning, Under Armour comes through on both counts, yet this new shoe doesn't disappoint in the styling arena: this masculine, comfortable shoe complements both feet and wardrobes with a choice of five colours. Dare we add that the S$189 price tag won't force you to get a second job?

One-Stop Spring Shopping: The Under Armour Men's Collection

Runner's Boon

  • Compared to earlier Apollo running shoes, these are impressive to say the least. Improved fit and thicker rubber tread make a world of difference.

Runner's Bane

  • Although these shoes are potent, they are not for every runner. Athletes suffering pronation issues are advised to skip the UA SpeedForm Apollo 2 and choose a shoe that specifically addresses this condition.


Because body type is the determining factor every time a garment or shoe is purchased, buying an entire collection is cause for celebration by some and disappointment by others. Consider the fit of the Armour UA Launch 2-in-1 shorts; some find them to be a major improvement over baggy shorts Under Armour has manufactured in the past while others complain that they're too loose for comfort despite the liner. That stated, this new version of the Apollo running shoe is being celebrated as a vast improvement over previous year's styles in the Apollo collection.

Weighing a three-product purchase could leave shoppers feeling like characters in the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" book, where there are as many opinions as there are bears! You'll have to judge for yourself.

Allow extra time in the men's dressing room to make sure everything you try on in this collection meets the Goldilocks standard, so you can say — three times in a row — "Oh, this feels just right!"

This Under Armour collection can be purchased online or at any Under Armour Singapore retail stores.

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