PUMA BioWeb Elite: Panther Climbing Kicks!

by On May 8, 2013
PUMA BioWeb Elite: Panther Climbing Kicks!

The PUMA BioWeb Elite is full of astounding surprises! One would think this technologically power-packed pair would be strong, sturdy and durable... IT IS! AND a lot more! One of the biggest surprises is how shockingly light the shoes are. In most one-piece uppers, feet are often held together primarily by the lace, but the BioWeb Elite’s “web-cage” is constructed using material that locks your foot in comfort so you can kick your cage into overdrive.

PUMA BioWeb Elite: Panther Climbing Kicks!

Another great marvel of the shoe is the spectacular transition. Each stride and footing is effortless as the shoe promotes midsole running and superior grip. This means that if you take quick steps and land on the front half of your feet, these beautiful panther kicks will undoubtedly increase the speed of your run.

First Impressions

It’s visually stunning. The PUMA BioWeb Elite for all its merits is first and foremost, a majestic beast! The construction is well layered so thin socks are essential to this speeding gear combo. The shoe is elevated on the outer rim. This outer design with hard black grips has shock distributed from the bulk of the heel to the sides. This makes energy transfer more efficient and you can feel the pronounced effect if you just lean your body forward.

PUMA BioWeb Elite: Panther Climbing Kicks!

First Go

“It’s so fast!” Made specifically for intermediate to expert runners, the PUMA BioWeb Elite is not for the Sunday runner. It is a serious feat of PUMA engineering and it’s made for the semi-serious runner. Landing midsole propelled the running and I found myself going faster and faster. It was thrilling and burnt through all the muscle in my calves and hamstrings.


The PUMA BioWeb Elite technology works best on even ground. Due to the compression structure of the spires in the cushioning only working against hard surfaces, this shoe is terrible on sand, rocks and uneven terrain. Though this off-road no no is an outdoor disaster, it makes for an excellent elevation shoe. Hill running and descend is fantastic with this pair of quick climbers! The front of the shoe has an upward curve and a series of grips that promotes amazing stick for that hill training you need to blast. Grip with the “web-cage” technology ensures that you never have those black toe blood clots again as the “web-cage” bends to accommodate your feet without compromising on performance. Fantastic!

Cross Sports Potential

Short bursts of speed and quick steps make the PUMA BioWeb Elite fantastic for street soccer and interval training at the gym. However, exercises that require solid stability like squats or leg press might not be ideal due to the shoes’ specific front curvature.

PUMA BioWeb Elite: Panther Climbing Kicks!

It is the perfect climb shoe. The web cage technology ensures a smooth ride for your feet and the grip to blast your hamstrings into tomorrow’s sexy form.

Runner’s Boon

  • Excellent grip
  • Efficient stride
  • Promotes good form for midsole runners
  • Very durable

Runner’s Bane

  • Might overheat feet if socks are not thin
  • Could be more stable

Where to buy?

The BioWeb Elite is available at PUMA retail stores and authorized dealers, in male sizes UK 6 to 11 and retailing at S$189.00

Run. Review. Repeat.

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