Puma FAAS 600S: Versatile Combination of Flexibility and Stability

by On Dec 17, 2013
Puma FAAS 600S: Versatile Combination of Flexibility and Stability

Puma FAAS series has always been about being lightweight yet providing the stability which runners need. It also comes in funky colors which are bound to grab attention while you pound the pavements. With such good-looking aesthetics and promising efficiency, what’s not to love?


The FAAS 600S has an 8mm heel-to-toe drop. Combined with forefoot flex grooves, these shoes are meant for heel strikers, but will suit all types of runners with its flexibility. Whether I tried running with my mid-sole or forefoot, transitions were smooth and did not give me any problems.

As suggested by the model name, "S" stands for stability. I also came to learn that the model number in this series will indicate the amount of stability it provides. With the number 100 being of lesser cushion for a minimal ride and number 900 for a cushioned ride, FAAS 600S has a nice balance of cushioning. Compared to the sister model FAAS 600 which is more suited for the neutral footed runners, FAAS 600S provides more support with its pronation controlling feature.

First Impressions

I was so excited when I first received these shoes for a review. In a striking orange, you will not be missed when you are out on runs in these funky shoes. Plus point for runners like me who tend to go for early morning runs when the sun is yet to come up. Not a fan of orange? The FAAS 600S also comes in a nice shade of purple, grey or blue.

Puma FAAS 600S: Versatile Combination of Flexibility and Stability

Weighing at 254g, the FAAS 600S were light and yet offered great support during runs. The shoes have FAASFOAM built into the midsole, thus the ability to provide resilient yet durable bounces while running. Prior to trying them on, I thought they might not have much cushioning, given the weight.

However, I was amazed by the great amount of cushioning it provides despite being so light! Needless to say, these shoes provided me with great comfort during my first run. It was a breeze to run in these shoes and bonus points because they did not give me any blisters after my run!

First Go!

I liked how the supportive the shoes were. It was comfortable to run in most terrains, except for wet surfaces. Since it is the rainy season now, I took it out for a run once after it poured, and the shoes did not grip well. That said, this will not be my number one choice of running shoes on rainy days.

Puma has also incorporated a Forefoot Lockdown in the design of these shoes, so that your feet will be snug during your workout. However, this will also mean that the shoes are of a narrow fit and will pose as a problem for runners with wider feet. You may wish to consider half a size bigger if you have wider feet.

The lacing system of the FAAS 600S was also a little complicated, which may add onto the snugness of the shoes. It took me a
while longer than usual to lace up before I did my first run, but it wasn’t a major deterrence to me.

Overall Performance

If you are one runner who often looks out for versatility and ample support in your running shoes, these are the shoes to grab! Plus points go to its eye-catching outlook as well as its light weight.

My main considerations for getting a pair of running shoes often require them being lightweight, supportive and flexible. The FAAS 600S ticks off these three points in my checklist and they are my choice of running shoes most of the days, except when I’m running after it rains. These shoes are so versatile; they will suit any runner, whether you are doing short-distance runs to marathon runners.

Runner's Boon:

  • Funky designs which are bright and good for night/early morning runs
  • Lightweight yet well-cushioned, good for everyday run
  • 8mm heel-to-toe smooth transition which provides flexibility
  • Stable and provides good support

Runner's Bane:

  • Narrow forefoot, will pose as a problems for runners with wider feet
  • Soles do not have a good grip, will be a problem on wet terrains
  • Slightly complicated lacing system compared to other running shoes

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