Puma Women’s Mobium Elite: Swiftness With Every Step

by On Jun 15, 2013
Puma Women's Mobium Elite: Swiftness With Every Step

Imagine a shoe that has the ability to adapt to the way you run. Puma calls this new and innovative technology, adaptive running. Instead of your feet relying on the specific purposes of your running shoe, the Puma Mobium Elite works the other way round. It changes and expands to accommodate the natural movement of your feet with every stride you take. The Puma Mobium adapts to you.

Puma Women's Mobium Elite: Swiftness With Every Step

First Impressions

When I first got the pair, I thought it looked slightly minimalist in its design, mostly black with the puma insignia emblazoned on the side front of the toe box with the only pop of colour being the bright red midsole. It comes in other brighter colours of course, if you want a livelier looking model. It felt quite light and the width looked narrower than most other running shoes though which meant that people with broader feet might be advised to go up half a size bigger.

Puma Women's Mobium Elite: Swiftness With Every Step

The sole of the shoes proved to be the interesting bit and this is where you see what your money is being spent on. Called the Mobium band, it is an elasticised band that emulates the tendons in one’s foot. Forming an X in the middle and running through the outsole, the idea is that when more force is applied, the more it springs back lessening the impact when your feet hits the ground and propelling the next step with more energy.

Puma Women's Mobium Elite: Swiftness With Every Step

Let’s Run

It was a pretty snug fit especially around my broad mid foot when I first put them on. I wore the Mobium out to run on different grounds such as pavement, track and the treadmill; and found that the consistency of the shoe’s ability to adapt was pretty impressive despite the various terrains. Starting out, I felt non restricted and lighter on my feet in comparison to the heavier stability shoes that I have so often used and experienced more spring in my step. I needed some time to get used to its adaptive technology though as the Mobium is designed to encourage heel strikers to land more on their midfoot and I could definitely feel myself working harder than usual around the third kilometre or so. It did get progressively easier with every run as my feet started to remember how to use its natural biochemical movement ability to run.

Puma Women's Mobium Elite: Swiftness With Every Step

Runner’s Boon

  • Great training shoes that helps runners ease into a more efficient mid foot strike
  • Good ability to adapt to the runner’s natural feet movement
  • Very flexible and provides generous cushioning with every landing
  • Comfortable to run on most terrains
  • The lightness of the shoe is a plus factor
  • Sleek design

Runner’s Bane

  • Slightly tighter for runners with broad or flat feet, so buy ½ a size bigger
  • Made more for runners with neutral or high arches
  • May take more time to get used to as your running style changes into the mid foot strike
  • Not recommended for trails as gravel and small stones might get stuck in the grooves of the outsole where the Mobium band is placed

Where to buy?

The Mobium Elite is available at PUMA retail stores and authorized dealers, in Male Sizes 5.5 to 11 and 12, and Female Sizes UK 3 to 8 and retailing at $179.00

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